IVF #4 – PUPO – Transfer Day- The 411


I guess it is REST time…. well, my version of rest.

Yesterday, I reported to CNY Fertility Center and Spa in Albany NY at 10 am. I went up to the spa for acupuncture for an hour, then was escorted downstairs to the OR for my embryo transfer.  My mom stayed in the resting area by the fireplace and read until it was time for her noon bamboo massage.

The day started off kinda crazy because I was very upset upon learning that because I had fertilization of one egg, the other six were not watched for maturity and then rescue ICSI’s if mature.  I expressly told the Embryologist and the staff that I wanted to transfer ALL embryos because I want twins and this would be my last OE IVF.  I calmed down and realized that there was nothing I could do about it and I was not going to give energy to that but to making my body the calmest and a welcome place for the one embryo I made.

I also asked the clinic to order Embryo Glue for my transfer and for some reason, it was not done.

I learned from Dr. Grossman, that the embryo was a perfect 4 out of 4, which is good.  He said it was dividing properly and is a good strong embryo.  That gave me some sense of relief because I knew that gave my little on a fighting chance.  It was of good quality.

ivf#4 - embryo

Here is my little one and I am loudly and verbally hoping splits into another little one ! 🙂

After my transfer, I had another hour long acupuncture session.  My mom and I then went to Carrabbas Italian Grill for spaghetti and soup.  Our driver picked us up and then took up to the train station.  We traveled through a gorgeous snow storm and arrived safely in DC last night.   When I got home, my dog, Langston, was very excited to see us and hung close by every time I moved.

I have to go in for routine blood work on Monday and then again for beta on March 16th.  I have an appointment with Dr. Singer, my NYC RE for a sonogram and follow-up on March 19th.  So for now, I continue to rock my IVF support socks, cook up a storm (making yeast rolls today and marinating Guiness Chicken for 24 hours and making cubed steak with rice and onion gravy).   I am going to start baking tomorrow to send some goodies like miniature rum cake, blueberry muffins, brownies, to CNY to my nurses and doctors.

3 thoughts on “IVF #4 – PUPO – Transfer Day- The 411

  1. Geeze your post made me hungry! Congrats on being PUPO. I’m sorry the clinic didn’t seem to do as you had asked. I’m glad that your embryo is perfect though, and I just know it will be happier with you than in a Petri dish. Sending you sticky baby dust! Much love to you and your mom too 🙂


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