The Dreaded Wait- The 411

baby- wait

I was not cut out for all this waiting !  My mind races to a million places and I worry.  It is killing me that I only have two embryos hanging out at the clinic growing and worrying if they will continue to develop and grow.

Thousands of dollars in medications, fourteen days of injections, perfect diet, and I get eight eggs and only TWO fertilized?   I really only need two, but hey, it would have been nice to have some back ups for FETs if this cycle did not work or ended in another miscarriage.

The embryologist does not check my embryos again until tomorrow morning .  I will definitely call them tomorrow mid-morning to check on my babies.  Prayerfully those two are great quality and the one being thawed out will make it through the thaw.  I already knew the frozen one was as 4AB so at least it is a great quality embryo.

This whole process is so unfair.  It is so nerve wrecking !!

No one told me that PIO would IMMEDIATELY yield symptoms ! Oh Em Gee !   My nipples are aching already and started hours after the first injection !   I have abdominal cramping and twinges.   I just hope I do not develop any allergies to the oil.   The injections are super easy, not what I expected at all.

I am beyond bored here in Albany !  I wish my mom could have come with me.  I will get out of the room and go to the mall tomorrow and see a movie or something…

8 thoughts on “The Dreaded Wait- The 411

  1. So glad the shots are easy for you too! It’s funny how variable symptoms are. I have no breast tenderness from the PIO and far less bloating than with suppositories. I may be allergic to the oil however as my injection sites are red and itchy and sore at times. The Lovenox and baby aspirin also make them bruise often enough that I resemble a car accident victim. 😦

    Still pouring on the prayers for those embies!


    • I didn’t attribute the bloating to the Endometrin ! Could very well be… Taking one Dulcolax per day seems to help.

      Just did my PIO and there was a little blood running down my butt cheek. Ugh. Wonder if it’s because of Lovenox and asprin?

      Anyway, different pharmacies have different oils. You may want to check for the olive oil one if sesame is bothering you.

      I have not had a rash yet, but my butt does feel warm at the injection sites.

      I am going to call in a few to see how my two embryos are coming along. The frozen one doesn’t get thawed until 6:15 am on Monday.

      How are you feeling? Preggo feelings yet?

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