Bloody Butt ! – The 411

baby - pio

This morning, I gave myself a PIO shot and I pulled back on the needle and there was no blood so I did the injection.  After I removed the needle, a oily blood stream starts running down my butt cheek !  I went into freak out mode !  LOL.   I grabbed a washcloth, wet it with hot water and pressed it to my tush.

I heated up my aromatherapy heating pad and placed it on my buns and checked a bit later to make sure it stopped bleeding.  I guess I went down a bit too far today.  I will go back up closer to the flank next time.

I am sitting here waiting patiently for the phone to ring by noon.  I called my clinic to check on my chirren.  (lol)  I am praying they are both still growing and dividing beautifully and waiting to come back home to Momma on Monday with their other little frozen sibling.

It is my prayer that this is it the LAST time I have to do this.  No more ivf meds.  No more traveling hours away from home for eight nights and being bored to tears.  No more poking and prodding every two days….  I want a different experience. I welcome violent morning sickness, tender boobs, expanding midsection, thunder thighs, itching skin, pelvic pain, and even pushing babies out !  YES, I welcome it all as long as healthy little mini-me’s are at the end of that.

This should be the most natural thing a woman can do.  Hell, meeting Mr. Right and getting proposed to and living happily ever after for a woman who has it going on should be too, but such is my life !

Fingers crossed… toes crossed… arms crossed… legs crossed…   prayers up !   #twinsinJuly

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