Egg Retrieval – The 411

baby - four eggs

This morning, my film crew and I got up at 5:30 am, drove to Walmart to grab a few CF cards for the camera gear and then came back to the hotel to get showered and dressed.  The film crew and my mother went to breakfast, while I suffered in silence in the room, lol.  

I arrived at CNY Fertility Center and Spa at 8 am, thinking I had to do acupuncture prior to retrieval, however, it is only done prior to and after transfer.

I signed my mom up for spa treatments and then went downstairs and waited to be called back.  I went to the back, got dressed in a hospital gown, socks, and a CNY terry cloth bathrobe, got weighed in, and then escorted to my operating room.  The nurse asked me a bunch of questions and then started my iv. She started my intralipid infusion prior to retrieval since I had two bags to do.  A few of the nurses who know me came by to say hello, as did Dr. Ditkoff.  The embryologist came in and introduced himself, and the anesthesiologist came in and explained what he was going to be doing.  A bit later, my RE, Dr. Grossman came in and spoke to me and asked if I had any questions.  The anesthesiologist came back, put propofol in my iv and the rest is a blur ! 

I woke up with a little cramping and I just rested as my intralipid infusion finished. I learned that they only got four eggs this time and I was a bit disappointed. I know that after a D&C, a lot of women have decreased egg counts and follicle counts but typically the eggs are normally healthier because of the “reset.”  I am very nervous about how many will fertilize and make it to 5 day blasts.  I was hoping to have a lot of eggs so that I could do FETs is necessary. Now I am really nervous about the outcome of this cycle and hope it is not a bust !

I got my discharge instructions and got dressed and then waited in the lobby for my mom to finish her spa treatments.  The nurse went to get the film crew from the conference room they were waiting in.  We left, went to Smashburger for lunch and then came back to the hotel.  I fell asleep at some point and missed my soap operas.  I woke up around 3:00pm. 

I feel pretty good.  The last time, I had a lot of bloating and this time, I feel normal.  I went out with my mom to the bank and then to the grocery store to get french onion dip for my chips.  Now I am back in my suite and about to make a big juicy burger and baked potato.  The hotel is doing Italian today and I am not a fan of stuffed shells. I will update after I get my fertilization report.  Please pray that my eggs all fertilize and make it to day five !!




5 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval – The 411

  1. I’m so glad that things went well for you today and you’re feeling alright! I’m sorry that you’re disappointed about the four eggs. You are definitely in my thoughts and I truly hope to hear good news from you soon! ❤


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