Niagara Falls The Day Before Retrieval – The 411

Niagara Falls august 24

This morning, my mother and I went over to the Niagara State National Park and took a boat ride around the Falls on the Maid of the Mist.  The picture above is one I took with my camera phone as we got pretty close to the Falls. 

After spending time at the Falls, we hopped in the car and drove the 4 1/2 hours to Albany, unpacked the car, unpacked luggage in our suite, and then went to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  My mother is in love with their Sunday Chicken dinner !

We went grocery shopping and then I went to Staples to hunt down a portable hard drive that my film crew texted me to pick up to store the footage tomorrow. 

I am relaxing in the suite, eating fresh popped organic popcorn now and watching television.  My film crew will be getting in around midnight and then I am going to sleep and getting up at 6 am to shower and get ready to head out to my 8 am arrival time at CNY Fertility and Spa.  I am getting acupuncture prior to my 9:30 am retrieval.  I plan to take it easy tomorrow once I am released.  I got my Gatorade, brazil nuts and ground sirloin to make my burger tomorrow when I get in.  I love that my hotel has a full kitchen in the suite !  They serve breakfast and dinner daily as well have a wine social in the evenings, but I am not to keen on tomorrow’s dinner menu of stuffed chicken, lol.  So I will have a nice baked potato and a juicy steamed burger with cheddar and swiss.

Wish me success tomorrow !!    I am BLOATED !  I feel like someone injected my ovaries and abdomen with water.  Its a weird sensation, but it does not hurt.  I will update tomorrow after my procedure.

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