Late Anatomy Scan – The 411


Yesterday, we had a late anatomy scan at Lenox Hill Hospital- Black Hall.  The scan went really well. My little one is very stubborn !  This time, they could not see her heart nor her measure her head because she would not move no matter which way they had me turn.  Her spine, eyes, organs, limbs, etc. are all perfect.  Her heartbeat is strong and steady.  I got to see her little face in 4D.

Next week, we have travel back to New York for a few days because the late anatomy scan has to be repeated to try to get a look at the heart and head.  If she doesn’t cooperate next week, we have to go see a Pediatric Cardiologist for him to to the scan.

After the appointment with at Lenox Hill, I had to rush uptown a few blocks to see Dr. Minor, the high risk faternal fetal medicine doc. It was really a pointless appointment since (1) she did not have my chart because I normally go to the 5th Ave location and (2) she was annoying and asking me questions outside of the scope of what I was there for or frankly that was not her concern.  She also wanted to go toe to toe with me in a discussion about reproductive immunology, something she knows NOTHING about and a subject I, unfortunately, am well versed in at this point.  She seemed pissed that she could not flex her “knowledge” about what research says simply because I am armed with knowledge that will refute the foolishness she was spouting.  Research is flawed and this is NOT an exact science.  This doctor has NO children.  She has not spent the last three to four years going through treatment and consulting with the top RIs in the country and she is not pregnant due to protocols and their work…. I AM !

She sent me to get a Quad test, which I learned today at my appointment with my OB, Dr. Karamitsos, had already been done.  She also tried to tell me that I do not need to take Metformin.   Is she going to deal with the symptoms if I develop GD?  No !  I AM !  I am willing to do whatever preventative measures I have to to ensure that I stay as healthy and complication free as possible.   She tried to tell me that my baby will not grow properly and that she needs some sugar….  I drink a soda every day.  I drink a 32 oz sweet tea every day.  That is enough sugar !  My baby is measuring RIGHT ON TARGET so what is she talking about?

Today, I had an appointment with my OB.  He listened to the baby’s heartbeat and went over the results of the blood work and the scan results.  I got a script for my breast pump and he told me to get the Medela Pump In Style.  I have to get a TDAP vaccine at my next appointment.  He wants my mother to get one as well.  NY is a hotspot for Whooping Cough so it is advisable that anyone who is to be in contact with the baby on a consistent basis to be vaccinated.  He is hoping that the flu vaccine will be ready by the end of September so that I can get that vaccine prior to giving birth. My posterior partial placenta previa is still present so I am still grounded, which is a bummer !  I wanted to go to Italy with my mom and sisters and I can not go now.  I have to wait until wk 26 to see what is going on at that point.  I will be too big to be traveling by the time we get that close and also I feel its too close to my due date to be out of the country. 😦

After my appointment, I took my mother to her favorite boutique which is around the corner from my 1st apartment.  We then ate lunch at Burger Joint.  Now we are back at the hotel relaxing and I am about to order a movie and start searching for a sublet for the time I need to be in NYC.  The one I was hoping to secure is not available since the owner found someone who can stay all summer.  I am not paying rent for time I do not intend to be here.  My landlord is supposed to hold a 1br for me for the three months I need a place, but I would much rather be in midtown or a little further down on the UES.  My apartment building is only 4 yrs old, so that is one of the draws, but I just do not want to be up near Harlem, as there is nothing to do.


My belly finally is a bump !

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