Nervous ! – The 411

baby - nervous

To say that I am as nervous as a hooker in line on judgement day is an understatement !  I went in this morning to the lab for blood work and then across the street to the women’s imaging center for baselines. I was sitting there hoping and praying that my almighty cocktail of Lupron injections, castor oil packs for an hour daily, and popping 4 maca root pills for the past week had done their job.  During my ultrasound, the nurse/tech said that there were no cysts on my right ovary and one little follicle on the left one.

I have been glued by my house phone and cell phone all morning and now it is 2:34pm EST and the clinic has not called me yet.  I am awaiting the dreaded call to say “V, you may start stim meds and the instructions are on your patient portal.”

Well, another minute has gone by and there is nothing new on my portal and no call as of yet.  I find myself checking the dial tone on each phone and jumping every time my cell phone beeps with a new FB, IG or email posting.  Pathetic, I know.  I will give them until 3 pm and then I am calling !  Wish me luck !!

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