Ten Months Old – The 411

I can not believe ten whole months , forty three weeks and three days have flown by since giving birth to one of God’s angels.  

This has been the most exhilarating ten months of my life.  Waking up daily to see the beautiful face of the sweet baby girl I brought into this world through the grace of God.

I have watched my daughter go from a 4 lb 10 oz little ball of wonder to a plump little 22 lb cherub.  

She is now standing and will stand a few moments holding on to nothing but has yet to take any steps unassisted. She still has no teeth despite teething since two months old.  

She eats regular table food now, although I prep her foods and make miniature versions of items just for her.

Her hair is finally growing noticeably and her little feet are growing too.

She loves outdoors, going for walks, people watching and swimming or bathing.

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