13 Days Post Partum – The 411

It has been a whirlwind these past thirteen days !  I had a planned / unplanned cesarean and emergency hysterectomy,  my mother took ill the day we were released from the hospital and the same day she arrived in NYC.  I have been in the emergency room five times since my release from Lenox Hill Hospital on 9/14 !

My Mother has developed a staph infection due to fluid pooling near surgical sites from her reconstructive surgery on 9/2; fluid that didn’t find a way out until two weeks later.  Thank goodness, the infection is not bloodborne.   She has been in the hospital for a week and we are not sure which day she will be able to come home.  She is currently hooked up to a machine which drains the fluid out of her body.  Skilled nursing will have to come to my sister’s house to clean and replace the drain under her skin.

My incision which opened in two places is healing.  I have to go to the ER for woundcare until my slow behind insurance gets home health in place for me.  

My baby is doing well.  We had a slight hiccup when I changed her formula we are using for supplementing from Enfamil NB to Holle Goat Milk formula.   The baby’s poop became very hard little balls so I called the nurses line and was told to put her back on Enfamil NB since she is not tolerating the Holle- supposedly the best stuff on the market !  

In other news, I am still struggling with peripheral edema and pain in my legs and feet. Yesterday, the ER doc gave me Lasix to drain some of the fluid and give some relief.  I am currently down 27 pounds since giving birth.   

I have to say, having this gorgeous girl seems so surreal.  I feel like I am in the middle of a dream and I will awaken to find it all just a dream.  She is beyond perfect and so very chill !  She is also bossy and picky. She let’s you know right away what she likes and doesn’t like ! 

I am so blessed to be her Mommy !

ER visit #4

On our way to the hotel from the hospital in Uber Black Car Service
My nieces welcome baby girl home !

Basket of baby girl’s clothing my nieces set up for our arrival

2 thoughts on “13 Days Post Partum – The 411

  1. Thanks for taking the time to update us! I was just thinking about you. Praying for your mum’s speedy recovery, and yours. What an intense experience you’ve been through! You are so strong. x

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