IVF # 5 – Stim Day 6 – Follistim Added – The 411

 IVF 5 - Follistim

Tonight Follistim was added to my protocol.   I was very nervous about how to set up the pen and cartridge, as I have used only Gonal-F in the past that has a prefilled pen.  I followed the instructions that the nurse gave me and it was easy.  I dialed up the 125 dose and injected it with no problem.  The needles that come with the pen are very sharp so you do not even feel the needle prick the skin.

After the intralipid infusion today and monitoring and blood work in two locations, I am worn out.

I did take my little niece to Dulles Town Center to the NATS Playroom and to ride on the Merry Go Round and then my mom, grandmom and I took her across the parking lot to Benihana for dinner.  She had a ball.  I have never know a baby to have such a love of soup !  She ate THREE bowls of the onion broth !  She is now happily watching Peppa Pig with my grandmom and they will be going to bed shortly.

Good night !!

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