IVF #3 Stims Day 6 – The 411

baby - IVF3 stim day 1

Today is my 6th day of stims and I expect to trigger later this week and report to Albany.  I am hoping that I have to go on Thursday evening for a Friday retrieval and then I will come back to my mom’s until the night before my transfer.

I am not taking a film crew with me this time, as they should have enough footage from my last procedure to piece together what they need.  My hair is the same so we are good !  lol

I have been enjoying the day with my mom.  We rented a couple of movies on demand.  The first, Camp X-ray was a great indie pick !   Now we are watching Captain America – Winter Soldier, which I have previously seen.

Today, I made homemade pizza for lunch and it was pretty tasty !  I am now getting bored with cooking everyday.  It was exciting and a stress reliever at first, but there are only 3 people in here and two of us are gastric bypass patients and do not eat much lol.   I am going to have my sister come get some of this food and I am freezing some of it to ship to my nephew in California.


My injections went smoothly tonight.  I am just looking forward to being done with them.

Hope you all had a great weekend !!

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