My Visit with the Chinese Medicine Fertility Specialist Today


Today, I went to my consultation with a renowned Chinese Medicine Fertility Specialist.  We discussed my fertility issues, my goals and acupuncture treatments.

After the consultation, I had to lie on the bed and the doctor checked my tongue and said that I had circulation issues.  SAY WHAT?  You got all that from looking at my tongue.  He examined me and determined that I also have a kidney deficiency.  He suggested that I do acupuncture twice weekly for a month to get my body regulated.  He feels that this will increase my circulation and help extend my periods to 28 days because right now they are about 18-20 days apart.


The doctor put the needles in my neck, my forehead, knees, legs, feet, and my abdomen.  Then the doctor placed a heater device a few feet above my tummy and left it on during the 45 min session.  I just laid there and listened to the sounds of waves.  Next time I will bring my earbuds so that I can listen to the music on my phone !   45 minutes is a long time to listen to waves LOL.

After the time was up, the doctor and I discussed him giving me an herbal pill or tea to help regulate my body.  He created a special herbal fertility blend just for me.  He put the herbs in separate brown bags and gave me an instruction sheet on prepping the tea.  I have to simmer it in a pot for 20 mins and pour it into a container and then add 3 more cups of water to the herbs and simmer it for 20 mins and then pour the tea off into the same container.  I split the amount into two and drink for two days.


The herbs smell divine but definitely so not look like the stuff they sell in stores !

I was told to watch the amount of protein I eat, as it is hard on my kidneys and to not eat anything raw nor cold. I am to eat and drink only warm foods/drinks.  I must also increase my fluid intake to balance the protein intake.

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