14 Months Old – The 411

My baby is 14 months old already! Where does the time go?

Here are a few Halloween and beach pics :


Thirteen Month Old – The 411

My angel turned 13 months old today !   

We celebrated with family and friends in Orlando this past weekend by throwing her second Safari Birthday Bash !! Here are a few photos of her party and day at Disney Animal Kingdom:

Beach Baby – The 411

We are finally back at our Fall/ Winter/Spring home.  Baby Girl is enjoying frolicking on the beach with her Grandmother and I.  

My daughter LOVES water ! She is not much of a fan of the sand shifting / sinking under her little feet.  She reaches for the waves and walks towards the ocean.

Yes, she is walking now !  She started 2 wks after her birthday.

We are on our way to Disney for the weekend to celebrate the baby’s first birthday.  We postponed due to family drama and then the hurricanes.  We are looking forward to meeting up with some friends who flew in for the weekend and having some fun.  I am hoping tje anticipated rain takes a turn and goes elsewhere.

First Birthday -The 411

My little Queen is ONE YEAR OLD !!!
We started our day in new pjs and having breakfast.

I ran out to pick up her baked goodies for the party and then to pick up my nieces and nephew.

My niece does event decor so she designed and decorated for baby girl’s safari themed birthday bash (part one).

Next we took the party to  two bedroom suite at the Embassy Suites for a pool party and sleepover.

Baby Girl had a blast playing with her cousins and friend. 

This morning we came home and my sister haf prepared a huge breakfast for everyone and we are now trying out different sippy cups since bottles now have to go bye bye for good.

My baby is not so much a baby anymore !

Happy Birthday CGB !!

Fifty-Two Weeks -The 411

Tomorrow, my little Queen will be ONE YEAR OLD !!!!!

We have made it a whole glorious year.  I can not believe a year has passed.  

She has grown into a beautiful little spirit. She has the right balance of sweet and fiesty. Lol.  

I can not wait to kick off the celebration which will culminate with a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my whole family !!

I am beyond blessed to be the Mommy of this little angel.  She is definitely my mini me. 

Fifty Weeks -The Miscalculated 411

I realized last week that I had skipped week 44! I have been miscalculating my baby’s age.  She is 50 weeks old today.  

I can not believe that in a mere two weeks, my baby will be a one year old !

Here she is playing with an early birthday gift from two of our friends. 

We have started potty training and she has pee-pee’d in the potty three times now !  She gets a kick out of the cheers the seat gives as she uses the potty.  The first two times the chimes scared her. 

Snuggle time !

Swim lessons !

Our 11 month pic.