30 Week Scan – The 411

Today, I had an OB appointment as well as a 30 week scan. I met with Dr. Karamitsos and he listened to the baby’s heartbeat, which was at a rate of 145.  He measured my tummy and its 34 cm.  We reviewed my blood work from last appointment and discussed my anesthesia questions regarding my cesarean.  We are doing a spinal unless they feel it will take two hours or more in which case they will administer and epidural.  I got my TDAP vaccine today. My mom got hers on Tuesday when she had a preoperative appointment.

After my first appointment, which ended early, my mom and I walked around the corner to Rockefeller Plaza and sat out for an hour before having the Uber pick us up to head to Lenox Hill Hospital Black Hall for my sonogram.

My baby girl now weighs a few ounces shy of 3 pounds.  They anticipate her birth weight to go to 7 to 7.5 pounds.  I honestly think she will be between 5-6 pounds.  I am hoping she stays small.  No one wants a big ole fat baby lol.   My niece was only 5.9 pounds and was sooo tiny !  All the other kids were 7-8 pounds and they were pretty decent size.

I had to do another vaginal exam today and my placenta is still low, though it moved up some.  I HATE doing the transvaginal sonograms.  I have a little cramping afterwards and it kinda hurts.

My amniotic fluid is normal and all the measurements are normal.  I have to come back in three to four weeks for another placenta check and a biophysical exam.

26 Week OB Appointment and Scan – The 411

Yesterday, I had my 26 week OB appointment with Dr. Karamitsos.   I have gained 4 pounds this pregnancy and the baby is doing incredible.  She is very active and her heartbeat is strong, 165 bpm.   Dr. K put in a script for Vitapearl with DHA prenatals, ordered a CBC panel, vitamin/ protein level check, and tsh in the lab.  While I went to the lab, Dr. K ordered a copy of my last sonogram record so that he could double check to make sure everything was good.  I went downstairs to the lab, got my blood work and requested to see my Internist, Dr. Witt to say hello when done.  Dr. Witt sent for me and when he saw me, gave me huge hug.  I haven’t seen him this year and will not see him for my annual until September.  I went back upstairs and waited for Dr. K and he came out and told me everything is good and if I have any problems, I can just walk in to see him.  Next visit, I get my whooping cough vaccine and I have to now see him every two weeks until the end of August and then I have to come weekly.
This morning at 8 am, I had my sonogram for 26 weeks. I was disappointed when found out that we are doing a vaginal and a normal tummy sono.

The baby was very active during the sonogram, as I kept saying, she is sideways across my tummy instead of up and down like she was…  The sonogram shows that she weighs 1.12 pounds and she has a strong heartbeat. My amniotic fluid level is great and measurements were taken of the baby’s head and limbs.  During the transvaginal ultrasound, which HURT, it shows that my placenta previa is still there.   Hopefully it will move up, but honestly, it does not matter since I am having a scheduled cesarean.

After leaving my appointment, I stopped by the office for my health insurance company and dropped off a letter they needed with my estimated due date so that they could add the baby to my insurance plan.

IVF #5 – Baseline After Agonist Protocol – The 411

baby - blog update

Yesterday, I went to the women’s imaging center for a baseline ultrasound after completing the agonist protocol.   My lining is very thick (period is about to start soon) and I have two follicles on the left ovary and none on the right.

I left the imaging center and then went to LabCorp for my blood work and then rushed home so that my mom could go to her last chemo session.   Later that morning, my nurse, Greta called to give me the results of the baseline appointment and said to call when my period starts.  I was thinking it would start this weekend, maybe Sunday, but I am cramping and having light spotting when I urinate so it may come on today.  I called to make a baseline appointment for tomorrow, just in case, since the baseline has to be done on CD 2 or 3 and Monday would put me at day 5.

I called my doc’s office to make them aware and told them to put the req for the new baseline on my portal so that I would know what I need to do.  I am not sure if I have to do another blood draw or not….

More later ~