IVF #5 – Birth Control Pills and Supplements – Agonist Day 1 – The 411

ivf #5 - the beginning

Today, I started taking birth control pills for the agonist portion of my new protocol for IVF #5.  Of course I feel sick on the stomach !   I HATE taking BCPs but will do whatever I have to do to get these twin girls here ! 🙂

I am also back on my supplement regimen of 600mg of Co Q 10 (200mg three times a day), 10,000mcgs Biotin, B6, B12, Zinc, Melatonin, Prenatal Plus Iron, Inositol (4g), Vit D (4000 mg) and baby asprin.  I am also taking 4 Citrical +Mag  & D daily as well.

Taking all these supplements and spacing them out in addition to making sure I eat every three hours 150-200 calories of veggies, fruit, and lean meat is like a job !  I drink 100-125 ounces of water daily, so I am worn out doing all of this.   I am on a mission to drop 25 lbs before I start stimming at the end of April !

Here we go….. IVF #5 … MY cycle !!

IVF #4 – Fertilization Report – The 411

baby- fertilization

My nurse, Greta, called this morning, but called from a blocked number so the call was sent straight to voicemail because I have a block on my phone to prevent calls from restricted numbers.

Unfortunately, out of the seven eggs, so far, one of them was mature and fertilized.  The others are being watched if and when they mature, will be fertilized later.  The last two cycles, I had immature eggs at retrieval and they matured later that day and then were able to be fertilized so I will will keep my fingers and toes crossed that these eggs do the same.  The E2 level was 1100 so that would indicate that the eggs, at least 5 of them, should have been mature.

This morning, I feel like I am on a job !  It is so daunting to devise a plan to take all the meds and injections and spread them out so that they do not interact with each other.

I am skipping my synthroid for a few days since my TSH is .04.  I took my antibiotic with breakfast and took the asprin.  I will wait until mid morning to take the prednisone.  At lunch, I will take the folic acid, prenatal vitamin and b6.  I did my neupogen, lovenox and PIO injections this morning.  I also have instructions to insert 3 Estrace vaginally.  I am still bleeding and experiencing blood clots, so I did the first dose and emailed the nurse to find out if I should just take the others orally until bleeding completely stops.  My nurse instructed me to continue to insert them vaginally and the bleeding should slow down.  It has slowed down a lot since yesterday.  If it does not stop, then I will have to go into the office tomorrow and be seen by the doctor.

My transfer is scheduled for 11 am on Tuesday. I am scheduled to do acupuncture at 10 am.

IVF # 3 – Supplements And The Start of Stims – The 411

baby - ivf 3 supplements

This morning, I started my new supplement regimen for IVF #3 full force !

I had my morning acupuncture session and Dr. Fan started me on two different herbal supplements in addition to the ones my RE has me on.

My new supplement regimen for the next 3 wks is as follows:

Synthroid (150mg)

Prenatal Plus (prescription prenatal) (am only)

4g per day Inositol

600 mg per day Co Q 10 (200mg 3xs a day)

4 mg per day Estrace (2mg 2 xs a day)

Biotin (5000mcg)


Folic Acid (8mg a day)

Vitamin D (1200mg a day – prescription)

Innate Whole Food Prenatal Vitamin (pm only)

Bu Gu Zhi Fang (2 tablets 3xs a day)

Ba Zhen Pian (10 tablets 3xs a day)

During week three, I will take progesterone supplements vaginally twice a day (Endometrin 100mg tablets).

I will begin Lupron injections (10mg) the week after the progesterone.  After I start the other stim meds (300 Gonal F and 300 Menopur), I will also be doing Neupogen injections every day.

Here’s to a bunch of pills, hooo haaa tabs and rigid ingestion schedule to get some healthy babies in July ! 🙂



Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements – the 411

Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements - the 411

To get my body ready and to increase my chances of a successful IVF and a healthy pregnancy, I am now following an even more strict regimen of supplement intake.

In the morning upon waking, I take synthroid, which was prescribed by my doctor for my under active thyroid.

After breakfast, about mid morning, I take CoQ10, one Prenatal Plus vitamin (prescribed by my doc), 2 Inositol (promotes improved follicular quality), and one chewable low dose asprin.

After lunch, I take Vitamin B6 and Biotin.

At dinner, I take 3 Calcium Citrate  and 1200mg Vitamin D (prescription).

At 8pm, I take folic acid.

Just before bed, I take my iron (prescription).

During the day, I drink inordinate amounts of green tea, allergy blend tea, preconception herbal blend tea, and water.

At 10pm, I drink a special tea concoction of burdook root, dandelion root, and Milk thistle. This tea detoxes the liver, kidneys, speen, and purifies the blood.

I do the castor oil pack around 8pm for an hour. I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and feeling of overall health.

Twice per week, I am seeing a fertility acupuncturist and he gave me an herbal tea blend which I refuse to drink ! I have asked to be switched to pill form on Monday.

Oh the things we endure for a chance to be a Mommy !