Pre-IVF Testing Tomorrow – The 411

Okay, call me chicken but I am SCARED !  Tomorrow I am having a saline sonohysterogram.  It is a test similar to the HSG but instead of torturing my fallopian tubes and checking them out, this test is to check out and probably torture my poor uterus.  Oh, the things we endure just to have a baby or babies (I hope) 🙂

I was told to take two pain relievers an hour prior to the appointment.  I asked for twilight sedation, but it was shot down.  So I am debating whether to take 1600 mg of Motrin and a Valium LOL…. or take Tylenol #3 (which I am allergic to) or Tramadol.   I am going to call my sister, who is RN and ask her what will be most effective.

I have hear varying stories as to how painful this test is because when I did the HSG, I thought I was gonna meet JESUS that day !  I have NEVER had that much pain before in my life !  EVER !

baby - saline sonohysterogram


Now does anything about this picture look inviting?  –  didn’t think so…

After I am tortured, I go to the lab and get about 10 tubes of blood taken for various tests that the Fertility Clinic require.  The next step is to do a mock cycle in January and in February, I start my injectable meds for my IVF procedure.  The doctor mentioned giving me a shot to “freeze” my ovaries in place for a few weeks since I do not want to do the retrieval and transfer until March 27th or 28th and aim for a April 2nd transfer date.  I am adamant about aiming for this Christmas birth.  The closer to Christmas the better.  Hopefully the IVF will take on 1st try and I will carry them to term.  (I keep saying THEM because I want TWINS !)

On another note, the herbs that the Chinese Medicine Doctor / Acupuncturist gave me, I brewed into a tea as instructed. HORRIBLE !  So I am going to switch to the pill form.  That will require me to take 12 little pills a day on top of all the other supplements I am currently taking, but at least I can not taste them 🙂

Wish me luck !

Monday – The Big Day ! Consultation With IVF Doctor !!

Monday - The Big Day !  Consultation With IVF Doctor !!

I am excited and nervous at the same time. On Monday, I have my consultation with the IVF Doctor ! I get to ask of my thousands of questions and get answers and get the ball rolling on making these babies (remember twins is the dream !)

I completed all of the online profile and I have ordered my required tests from my OB GYN and Internist. I was gung ho until I learned that the Saline Sonogram is similar to the HSG and that was the most painful experience I have ever had in my life ! I swear my OB GYN had better put me under twilight sedation this time or I will bring a bottle of Tylenol #4 and a valium and put myself under ! lol