Recuperating – The 411

Recuperating - The 411

Surprisingly, I have had no cramping and very little bleeding after my D&C. The bleeding stopped today and I feel pretty good.

The only complaint I have is that once they wheeled me back to recovery, I started sneezing and my nose was running. It got progressively worse. I went out and got Benedryl tablets and have been taking them. The sneezing stopped and it is starting to dry out my nose. I will be glad when that ends, as it is gorgeous outside and I have an awful cold or allergy attack.

Benedryl makes you very sleepy, which is probably a good thing, otherwise, I would not take the time to rest.

I spent a little time today combing thru ads on for Menopur and Gonal-F. Like a dummy, I donated my left over meds and now I will need them. Hopefully, I will be able to find some on one of the sites so that I won’t have a huge expense, as I am out of pocket. Insurance will not cover any infertility meds, which really sucks.

I am looking forward to getting the PGD report back on my fetus to find out if anything was wrong with it… It will make a huge difference moving forward by knowing what happened.

I think the hardest part in all this are the phone calls, texts and FB messages from friends asking how I am doing and other women from the boards asking what I am doing next… I really do not want to have to think about it. I just want life to resume as normal. I will be careful not to mention my next cycling until I at least 15 weeks pregnant. I see now how much of nuisance it is to have people feel sorry for you or ask a million questions that you do not want to answer.