Mom’s Surgery – The 411

My mom’s reconstructive surgery that was basically a revision of the breast reconstruction she had done in December, went well. 

Because of the massive scar tissue due to radiation, one breast was super tight and small and the other was a lot larger and lower in placement.   The skin where they did radiation was akin to cutting through concrete according to her surgeon.  They removed all that scar tissue, did a tummy tuck to get new skin and muscle and reconstructed her boobs.   

Her tummy is so flat now I am jealous !  Lol

Her blood pressure remained stable this time and she was under for a little over 4 hours.

She stayed in the hospital all day and overnight and was able to be released to come home this afternoon.   I ordered a lift chair for her comfort from a local medical supply house and this chair is a godsend !!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers !!

Praise Report – The 411

praise report

This morning, we got up at 5 am, after traveling to DC the day before, to head to the hospital for our mom’s reconstructive surgery.  She was wheeled into surgery at 8:30 am and was in recovery around 11:20 am.  At 12:45pm, we were able to go back to see her.  She was groggy and sleepy, but well.  Her plastic surgeon, who she has been with since 1997 when she had her first occurrence of breast cancer, came out and told us that the surgery went well and that my mom’s blood pressure was bouncing around so make sure she takes her meds.

After a full day at the hospital, my mom was discharged at 3:30 pm and we got on the road to my sister’s house.  My mom is resting on the sofa and waiting on my sister to bring her spaghetti bolognese and chicken soup from Carrabbas.

Tomorrow, I have to get up at 3 am to trek home to NYC for my doctor’s appointment with my Internist.  Hopefully he can figure out what is going on with my achilles tendonitis and get me on the mend.  I have to do blood work with him as well to see how things are looking after being on prednisone so long and see if things have regulated.

After I am done at Dr. Witt’s office, I am meeting with the police detective at the precinct near my apartment to file another police report regarding the death threats I have received and harassment from my stalker !  Six months later and this nutcase is STILL calling my phone in the middle of the morning and calling from spoofed numbers.  After filing this report, I will be changing my phone numbers.

I have twelve more days before I begin cycling !!   Here does IVF #6 🙂