CANCER FREE Mommy ! – The 411

cancer free 2

Well, look at God !!!   My mother had a Petscan on Monday, following a suspect Ct Scan a few weeks ago.  The doctors were worried about a change in the left breast and an unidentified mass in the right one where she had cancer that was just treated for the past almost two years.  They felt the right breast was more likely scar tissue from 36 rounds of radiation.

The right breast was n fact just scar tissue which has shrunk since the CT Scan, indicating that it is healing and the left breast is just a ruptured implant that will have to be replaced ! They compared the 2007, 2014 and 2016 tests and are certain that our mother is 100% CANCER FREE !!

I bless the Lord for His faithfulness and unwarranted grace !

2016 IS going to be our year !  AMEN !!! 🙂




Five Weeks ! – The 411

IVF - Keep Calm 5wks Pregnant

I am officially five weeks two days pregnant.  I have already started to experience insomnia and some days, the morning sickness kicks in off and on throughout the day.  For some reason, most of the queasiness sets in at night.  I woke up last Thursday almost vomiting.

I have also noticed that I am excessively thirsty, craving water, craving specific foods sometimes, and am starting to be a bit constipated.  I am going to pick up some Dulcolax stool softeners to take in the mornings to make sure I do not become constipated, as that is not cute AT all !

Tomorrow, I take my mom for her PetScan at 7:30 am and as soon as she is done, we are heading to the women’s imaging center for my first scan.  I will look for a Labcorp while my mom is doing her PetScan or will just do it after my sonogram.  I am excited to know what my beta is since I have not had it checked since 2/1.  I am also hoping to clearly see how many sacs are present.  Please send up some prayers that I have more than one baby in there but less than three LOL.

I will update tomorrow, after I find out what is what.  I am a bit worn out.  We spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC with my sister so that we could go support my nephew at his basketball game.  I got to spend some quality time with the fam and my little mini me, DJ.  My little three year old niece is so adorable and so smart !  It is like talking to a little adult.  She has way too much sense for a child.  I also had a ball hanging out with my dog, Langston.  He was chirping when he saw me and slept with me the whole time I was there.  I miss him so much, but it is highly unlikely my sister and niece are going to want to give him back now… he is like a part of their little clique. lol.

I am signing off and will wait for the Half Time show and then it is night night !