My NT Scan – The 411


After arriving in DC yesterday, we had to get up at 3 am to drive up to New York City.  We got to NYC around 8:30 am, had breakfast, and then rested for a little while before leaving to go view the party room at Sprinkles where my NYC baby shower will be held. 

At 1pm, I had my nuchal translucency scan and my baby girl was a little show off.  She moved around for a while and went to sleep as usual.  The doctor had me raise my leg and bend it at the knee and move around a bit to do her scan.  Her little heart was beating away.  Her scan, of course, was in the normal range.  Being that I had MaterniT21 at ten weeks, I already knew my baby had no genetic abnormalities. 

My mother went with me to my scan and was excited to see how big this baby has grown since my scan she saw at 10 weeks.  Her spine is now visible and her gums/jaw bone/teeth are forming.  It is simply amazing to watch her develop !

After the scan, I met with the MFM High Risk doctor.  She went over my medical records and she went over her plan of care for my pregnancy and my wishes/ birth plan.  I was then sent to Quest Diagnostics for bloodwork. 

My mom and I met one of my friends and we went to Amy Ruth’s for dinner and then over to Make My Cake to get cake slices.  This celebrity bake shop makes all my event cakes including my birthday cake every year.

I wanted to check with the owner about the picture I sent her of the cake I want for my shower.

We then came back down to Time Square and then went to Garretts to get popcorn for my sister and my brother n law.

I am now completely exhausted and am watching television.  I have my monthly OB appointment tomorrow.

Nuchal Translucency Scan – The 411

baby - NT Scan

Nuchal translucency is a collection of fluid under the skin at the back of your baby’s neck. It can be measured using ultrasound: between 11 weeks plus two days and 14 weeks plus one day of pregnancy. or when your baby measures between 45mm (1.8in) and 84mm (3.3in)

How the Test Is Performed:

Your health care provider will use ultrasound to measure the nuchal fold. All unborn babies have some fluid at the back of their neck. In a baby with Down syndrome or other genetic disorders, there is more fluid than normal. This makes the space look thicker.

A blood test of the mother is also done. Together, these two tests will tell if the baby could have Down syndrome or another genetic disorder.
How to Prepare for the Test:

Having a full bladder will give the best ultrasound picture. You may be asked to drink two to three glasses of liquid an hour before the test. Do not urinate before your ultrasound.

How the Test will Feel:

You may have some discomfort from pressure on your bladder during the ultrasound. The gel used during the test may feel slightly cold and wet. You will not feel the ultrasound waves.

Why the Test is Performed:

Your health care provider may recommend this test to screen your baby for Down syndrome. Many pregnant women decide to have this test.

This test can be done earlier in pregnancy than amniocentesis (another test that checks for birth defects). Nuchal translucency is usually done between the 11th and 14th week of pregnancy.

Normal Results:

A normal amount of fluid in the back of the neck during ultrasound means it is very unlikely your baby has Down syndrome or another genetic disorder.

A normal measurement at 11 weeks is up to 2 millimeters (mm).A normal measurement at 13 weeks, 6 days is up to 2.8 mm.

What Abnormal Results Mean

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What Abnormal Results Mean has been expanded.

More fluid than normal in the back of the neck means there is a higher risk of Down syndrome. But it does not tell for certain that the baby has Down syndrome.

If the result is abnormal, other testing can be done. Most of the time, the other test done is amniocentesis.