IVF #4 – Trigger Two – The 411

Twas the night before Retrieval…….

baby - bravery socks ivf 4

I arrived in Albany this morning, went to my hotel, checked in, had the concierge take my mom and I to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then we came back to the suite and unpacked.  One great thing about being a repeat customer, the entire staff knows me and my film crew and they also give me the best suites in the house !  This time, they gave us a two bedroom suite.  I love that this hotel has a full kitchen in every suite.  It makes for healthier eating because I can cook what I want to eat.  The hotel served a full hot breakfast every day and serves a nice full course dinner Monday thru Thursday nights.

After getting unpacked, I put on my “bravery socks” that were sent to me by my Canadian sock buddy.  I love the double pink !!! Twin girls?

baby - baby dust

I have my baby dust that my sock buddy gave me as well.  I have taken it to all of my appointments and I have it here with me for good luck.

Tonight, I will do my double trigger of 10,000 Novarel.  Last night, I did the injection intramuscular since I have read that the HCG is more concentrated in the blood when done IM as opposed to Sub-Q (which can be affected by body weight and body fat).  I am debating if I should do a Sub-q injection for the second trigger. I have until 10:30pm to make up my mind.  The doctor’s office always gives Sub-q instructions.

baby - novarel trigger

In the morning, I have to be at the fertility clinic at 8:30 am so that I can check in and then go to acupuncture prior to the procedure.  I am praying that this double trigger coupled with the adding of HGH will help me produce mature quality eggs that will fertilize.  I will be asking my doctor in the morning about doing regular fertilization first and then converting to ICSI if it is possible for me to have a higher fertilization rate.  The fertilization also depends on egg maturation and quality as well.

Wish me luck !  Send up prayers !  Thanks for the support 🙂

IVF #4- Stim Day 7 – The 411

baby - lets get this party started

Today is stim day 7 and there is a party going on inside my ovaries !  I feel pressure and like I have gone from moth balls, to golf balls, to little baseballs in there.  My nipples are starting to get tender, my abdomen is swelling and my boobs are swollen !  I am a hormonal MESS !

To top off my hormonal messiness, my mom’s steroids are kicking in so she is cranky, fussy, and irritable.  Needless to say, I took off for the basement and hid out until after most of the day had passed LOL.  After her nap, she appeared from upstairs level refreshed and normal. (THANK GOD).   The steroids given to cancer patients makes them little demonic gremlins !

I mixed all my meds and drew up the Omnitrope and injected all of my meds.

I called the hotel to readjust my hotel arrangements since I am being told that Friday is the big day instead of Monday.  I am all set !  I have my travel tickets for me and my mom and am praying I do not have to change them again.  Sometimes the fare is less but more often than not it is more.  At any rate, I am pretty glad that my mom is coming with me and I do not have to go through this last IVF attempt by myself being BORED to tears in Upstate NY in the COLD ! 🙂

I am kinda sad that we got about 14 inches of snow so we were not able to do my mom’s celebratory tea.  I did make the cutest little guest gift bags with white bags with a tea mug, teas, and cookies enclosed.  I put pink tissue paper in each and they turned out pretty cute.  We have rescheduled the tea for next month when hopefully the weekly snow will be over.

IVF #4 – Stim Day 6 – The 411

snow frb 2015

This morning, I ran out to the grocery store before the snow storm was to start so that I could get more organic milk and white chocolate chips so that I could whip up a pot of homemade hot chocolate. I got the recipe from a friend in one of my foodie groups.  It is to die for !!

I spent the morning putting little gift bags together for our friends and family who are coming to our gather tomorrow.  I found oversize tea mugs and places three different teas, sweetners and a pack of vanilla cookies inside and placed the mugs in a white bag with handles and stuffed them with pink tissue paper.  They are so adorable.

My mom keeps sending me recipes, so I made some of the soft and fluffy yeast rolls she found and they came out amazing !!  As you can tell, I was bored stuck in the house today and quite hormonal LOL.

fluffy yeast rolls

I was sitting on FB chatting with my IVF buddies and almost forgot that I had set my meds out to be mixed.  I got them mixed and injected although I was 30 minutes later than I was supposed to do them.  The doctor’s office gives us a 3 hour window, but I try to inject every day at 6 pm.

I have noticed that with the Omnitrope, I am getting the runny nose, which the Claritin seems to be helping with.  I am starting to get weepy and hormonal.  That is not a good place for me lol.  Sitting around on the verge of tears is definitely not cute.  But hey, pregnancy is the goal right?

It is STILL snowing outside !  I am just hoping that the 50 degree weather we are expecting tomorrow will melt enough of the snow for us to do the tea room tomorrow in Winchester….