Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements – the 411

Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements - the 411

To get my body ready and to increase my chances of a successful IVF and a healthy pregnancy, I am now following an even more strict regimen of supplement intake.

In the morning upon waking, I take synthroid, which was prescribed by my doctor for my under active thyroid.

After breakfast, about mid morning, I take CoQ10, one Prenatal Plus vitamin (prescribed by my doc), 2 Inositol (promotes improved follicular quality), and one chewable low dose asprin.

After lunch, I take Vitamin B6 and Biotin.

At dinner, I take 3 Calcium CitrateĀ  and 1200mg Vitamin D (prescription).

At 8pm, I take folic acid.

Just before bed, I take my iron (prescription).

During the day, I drink inordinate amounts of green tea, allergy blend tea, preconception herbal blend tea, and water.

At 10pm, I drink a special tea concoction of burdook root, dandelion root, and Milk thistle. This tea detoxes the liver, kidneys, speen, and purifies the blood.

I do the castor oil pack around 8pm for an hour. I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and feeling of overall health.

Twice per week, I am seeing a fertility acupuncturist and he gave me an herbal tea blend which I refuse to drink ! I have asked to be switched to pill form on Monday.

Oh the things we endure for a chance to be a Mommy !