IVF #5 – Stim Day 9 – The 411

IVF 5 stim day 2IVF 5 - Follistimivf - menopur                                           ivf 5 stim day 4 neupogen

Well, today is Stim Day 9 !   I am completely wiped out !!   I did not do my am injections until around 11 am this morning because I had to drive to NC at 3 am to meet my sister to drop off her kids.  My two year old niece and my 21 year old nephew were here visiting for two weeks over Spring Break.

I got back around 10:30 – 11 am this morning and immediately did my Ganirelix, Neupogen, and Lovenox injections.  I will wait until around 8pm to inject the Menopur and Follistim.

I am hoping that the Follistim is starting to do it’s thing and that the follicles will start growing to a measurable rate and not drag on.  I am beyond exhausted on this new med protocol.  I took a four hour nap !   I am still sleepy, but decided to get up and make the organic, homemade Strawberry ice cream I cooked and refrigerated yesterday morning.  Now I have two huge tubs of Strawberry and one fresh Peach in the freezer.   Now that my niece has gone home, I MAY be able to eat a little of the ice cream LOL.  Before she got here, she would never eat anything cold… go figure !  I started making the ice cream for my mom in the Cuisinart Ice Cream- Frozen Yogurt Maker I have.  My niece was infatuated with the machine and the ingredients churning, so when I finished a batch of Vanilla Bean, I gave her some on a spoon and then she insisted she wanted more in a bowl.  That began her love of ice cream.   I sent my sister a link to a Cuisinart that was now on sale so that she could make this at home for the baby.

I missed the Earth Day Concert on the National Mall today since I had to travel, but it is okay.  I am trying to avoid crowds and people …. and pollen !  No sense in hanging around outdoors too much and risking getting a sinus infection prior to these procedures in a week.

I think the only thing I wish I could do right now is enjoy a glass of white wine.  I hear a German Eiswein calling my name, but I can not have it 😦

Have an awesome Saturday !!

IVF #5 – Stim Day 7 – The 411

IVF 5 - Follistim

ivf 5 stim day 4 neupogen

IVF 5 stim day 2

Today is stim day 7 of my IVF #5 stim cycle !!   This morning, I had to inject Delestrogen, Lovenox, Neupogen, and Ganirelix.  I took my vitamins, supplements, and meds throughout the day.

Follistim is the devil !!   Well, at least I think it is the Follistim, since I started it last night and today I have been bitchy, weepy, and irritable ALL day !  I am almost ready to bite people’s heads off and I feel like I am going to burst into tears at any moment.  This is NOT cool !  lol.

I just did my Follistim injection for the day and I have another monitoring appointment in the morning and then blood work.

I had a little break today since my sister and her daughters came over to spend the day with the baby.  She has been fighting and crying off and on all day.  I think the Benedryl I gave her this morning has her sleepy and cranky.

I took my mom to the imaging center today for her annual mammogram. The new 3-D mammogram is kinda neat !  I am now looking forward to getting mine done. (Yeah right 🙂 )

Have a great evening everyone !  More tomorrow ~

IVF # 5 – Stim Day 6 – The 411

baby- lovenox shipmentIVF 5 stim day 2ivf 5 stim day 4 neupogen

Today, I went in for monitoring and blood work.  My nurse just called to give me the instructions for the next two days.  My estrogen is 1000 because of the Delestrogen, so they decided to add the Lovenox now instead of waiting until after my retrieval so that I do not have clots due to elevated estrogen levels.

IVF 5 stim day 6 monitoring

Tonight, I do my first Follistim (125 units) injection and again tomorrow night and I have another monitoring appointment for sonogram and blood work on Friday.  On Saturday, I will start the Menopur.

Things are progressing nicely, as I have 7 follicles on each side and that is before adding the gonatropins. !!  I hope to have a lot of good follicles with mature eggs in them this cycle, that will develop into awesome/beautiful STICKY embryos ! 🙂

I am going to order my sperm vial to be sent to CNY on tomorrow so that it can ship out on Friday and get to CNY on Monday.  It appears that my mom may not be able to come with me to Albany because she is due to start radiation on April 27th and if my report date for procedure is closer to the end of next week or pushed back to the 27th, I will be traveling alone, but my film crew will be coming up the day of procedure to film everything….

Infuscience came today to do my intralipid infusion.  I decided to do the infusion on stim day 6 and then again at retrieval and weekly thereafter.  There has been promising data on increased live birth rates when the intralipids are administered in this manner as it helps put the immune system to sleep !

IVF 5 stim day 6 intralipids IVF 5 stim day 6 intralipids 2

As you can see, I have converted my mom’s quilting studio in to a make shift infusion center !  lol

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers ~

IVF #5 – Stim Day 5 – The 411

IVF 5 stim day 2ivf 5 stim day 4 neupogen

Today is stim day 5.  Nothing too exciting….  I took my synthroid, prenatals, Vitamin D, B6, L-methofolate, and prednisone at various times today and did the am Ganirelix injection and mid day Neupogen injection.  I took my pm prednisone, claritin, and will take my other all natural prenatal vitamin before bed tonight.

For some reason, I am very tired and anxious.  I so dislike that feeling.  Like something bad is looming…  I am assuming it is because of the Delestrogen or the Ganirelix, as I have never quite felt like this before during stims.

I finished my mom’s tax return and am now working on my grandmom’s which is very simple and I am going to relax for the rest of the evening. The medical delivery service just delivered my intralipids for tomorrow’s infusion.  I have my blood draw and an sonogram in the morning at 7:45 am.

Hope everyone else is progressing in their cycles, pregnancies or in their TTC attempts !

IVF #5 – Stim Day 4 – The 411

ivf 5 stim day 1

Today is stim day 4 !!  It is Delestrogen (tush injection) day.  I did my Ganirelix injection this morning and took the other meds and prenatal that I am to take.  At lunch time, I looked on my instruction sheet and realized that today was the day I am to inject estrogen.  It is done every three days.  To give my grandmother something to do, I asked her to do the injection.  She is a retired nurse, but does have alzheimers so I was hoping and praying the whole time that she “still has it” and she does !  I did not even feel the needle go in and she proclaims, all done !  🙂

ivf 5 stim day 4 neupogen

I finally got my neupogen script and had to make an adjustment to my dosage after my dear friend informed me that the dosage I was taking was not the therapeutic dosage that Dr. Braverman wants us to take.  I was taking .1 ml and the correct dosage is .34 ml ! 🙂  WHEW !  Glad I know now so that is one more thing I can not worry about going wrong.  With the increased dosage, it should really help with the NK cells and cytokenes and also help the NK cells in my lining remain dormant as well so that my body is not fighting the embryos that are transferred.

I am nervous and excited and scared all at the same time about proceeding with the protocol.  After my next baseline on Wednesday, I am to start Follistim, which I’ve not taken before.  I am hoping there are no crazy side effects.

I will keep you updated and please continue to send up positive affirmations, prayers and thoughts on my behalf.  If this cycle works, I will will be having New Years babies !  Go figure….

IVF #5 – Stim Day 3 – The 411

IVF 5 stim day 2

Today is CD 4 and Stim Day 3.  Upon waking, I take Synthroid, wait 4 hours and then start taking the other supplement 2 hours or so apart.  I injected the Ganirelix with ease and am now relaxing and trying to figure out what to do with my niece today, now that she is not sick anymore.

Tomorrow, the Neupogen will be in at the pharmacy and I will pick it up and start injecting it.  I am so hoping that these new meds make a marked difference for me and this cycle will be MY BFP cycle and I will carry to term.  This whole process is very taxing and is so uncertain.

I have my next sonogram and blood draw on Wednesday and will be starting Follistim on that day.  I do back for more blood work and another sonogram on Friday and then again on the following Monday and Wednesday.

Fingers, arms, legs, toes, and eyes crossed that this works !  Prayers sent up too 🙂

IVF # 5 – Stim Day 2 – The 411

IVF 5 stim day 2

Today is CD 3 and Stim Day 2 !!  This morning, I injected the Ganirelix, took 20 mg of Prednisone, 175 mg Synthroid,  1 Claritin and I have to take 4000 units of Vitamin D, 2 prenatal vitamins (am and pm) and 20 mg of Prednisone later this evening.  My neupogen has been ordered and will be available for pick up on Monday.

In other news, I have my two year old niece visiting for Spring Break.   This morning, I awoke to her pelting my side with projectile watery vomit !  Is this what I have to look forward too?   She has an upper respiratory infection and chest congestion and yesterday she had a fever spike to 103.  I gave her Motrin for the fever and she is taking liquid Claritin for the allergies and has an am and pm natural cough syrup.   I hope she gets better today.  She is not acting sick, but you can tell she is not at 100%.  She is just not as wide open as she usually is.  This girl, my mini me, has energy for days !

My mom is still in a lot of pain this morning from the neuropathy in her right heel and still can not walk on it.  I really hope this passes soon !  No fun….

IVF # 5- Baseline – Antagonist/Estrogen Priming Protocol – Stim Day 1 – The 411

ivf 5 stim day 1  

ivf 5 stim day 1 sono

Today I had my baseline appoint on cycle day 2 !   To my surprise, I now have 6 antral follicles prior to stim meds.  I only had two on the left on Wednesday.  When I went in today, I was greeted by a student tech who asked if it was okay for her to do my scans with the assistance of the nurse tech.  I reluctantly agreed because they all have to start somewhere LOL.   I was glad that the nurse tech that came in was Jackie, the one who normally does my sonograms.  It of course took much longer than it normally does, but that was okay.

I left the women’s imaging center and went to LabCorp and got my blood work done.  From Wednesdays draw, my TSH is now normal (1.3) and my Vitamin D has come up quite a bit.  It is now 28, but is supposed to be 30 to be normal. I have been taking 5000 units a day for a month now and it still is not in the normal range.  Now that it is warming up, I will sit in the sun and bare my forearms twice a day.

My nurse called this afternoon and said my lining was now back to normal, as it was extremely thick on Wednesday, but as I told her, my period was near.  I knew what to expect from her comment…. A lot of thick clots !  Thank GOD there was little cramping and very minimal bleeding.  I love monthly menses when they are like this because I feel free to move around and am not confined to the house afraid of leaks 😦

I started my meds protocol today.  I took 20mg of Prednisone this morning and will take another 20 tonight and I injected the Ganirelix sub-q and the Delestrogen (which I inject every 3 days) IM. I am also taking 175mg of Synthroid, Prenatal vitamins twice a day, 5000 units Vitamin D, B6, Folic acid, and Claritin.

I had the doc call my Neupogen in to Target and I am going to pick that up in a few minutes and inject that as well every evening.

In Mommy news, my mother is suffering from the side effects from the chemo meds.  She has neuropothy.  It is kicking her butt !  The pain is mainly in her hands and in her right heel. The pain in her right heel got much worse today to the point that she can not walk on it.  Luckily, I had crutches from when I injured my knee two years ago after filming my movie.

I am excited that my film is premiering at the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival tomorrow at 3 pm.  The film is a finalist in the film festival.  My film was also accepted as a finalist in the Reel Recovery Film Festival and will be screened around the USA and in Canada between now and the end of the year.  We are still submitting the film in festivals.

Today I cooked stewed chicken with pan gravy, buttered rice, organic collards, organic stewed corn, my soft and fluffy yeast rolls, and homemade ice cream to accompany the vanilla bean pound cake.