First Sonogram – 5 weeks – The 411

First Sonogram - 5 weeks - The 411

On the 14th anniversary of my father’s death, I had my first sonogram. My mother went with me.

I was very sad when only one sac was present. My mom was as well because she was hoping for triplets and I, twins. I am holding out hope that there is another hidden one in there that is too early to be seen. I transferred three embryos with the hope that two would stick and I feel really selfish for feeling down about not having twins.

I am very grateful that one stuck and I do know that my donor has mostly girls. I am sooooo hoping that this little one is a girl ! I do have another frozen embryo that was perfect so I will transfer that frozen one as soon as I possibly can after having this little one on Christmas Day.

I have to go back for another sonogram in a week so that I can see the heartbeat. It is so amazing to see the little life growing inside on a screen. It really makes it real !