Day Ten Of Stims & Baseline Monitoring Appointment – The 411

Day Ten Of Stims & Baseline Monitoring Appointment - The 411

Okay- so I leave my mom’s house at 1 am to leave for the four hour trek to NYC. I go to my baseline appointment and on my way back (which turned out to be the day from hell getting back since it is Spring Break) the nurse calls to tell me I am not quite ready and they want me to do injections again tonight at the same dosage and go BACK in for a monitoring appointment in the morning. I just spent a mint buying an AMTRAK ticket to get back to DC and you want me to go back? OKAY !

So I just bought a round trip ticket to NYC tomorrow in the wee hours again and I have to see my RE tomorrow while there, so my appointment will be a tad bit later.

My follicles are double the size they were when I was there on Friday. My leads are 18-24 mm. I have a ton of follicles ! I have a lot of them which are 8-10 mm.

I am VERY disappointed that I am not ready to trigger, but then the nurse told me on Friday that we were looking at a Thursday or Friday retrieval anyway, so I guess we are on point. I was hoping for a Thursday retrieval so that I can relax on Friday and spend the weekend exploring Lake Placid. (sigh)

As far as injections, I noticed upon close inspection that my tummy is lumpy and has a few knots where the small bruises are. I iced the area today where I injected and covered the area where the hard knot is. Hope all is okay in there. My tummy looks a bit cray cray !

I feel weird having to get in bed and it is only 6:40pm ! I have to get up at 12:30 am and shower, dress and leave by 1 am for Union Station…. such is my hectic life !

Hopefully tomorrow will be the last monitoring appointment and I will get to trigger and pack my bags for Upstate NY.