IVF #3 – 3DP5DT – The 411

baby - keep calm and hope for ivf pfp

Here we are, 3DP5DT (three days past 5 day transfer of embryos) and I have been feeling nauseous (probably from PIO), and very tired.  I am starting to feel twinges and little cramping like my little embryos are digging into my uterine wall.

I have been eating pieces of pineapple core and the trusty five brazil nuts per day.   I am making sure I drink plenty of fluids and eating every 3 hours.   I am craving mustard greens and yams.  I went out today and got 10 bunches of mustard greens, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, spring onion and vidalia onion.   I also picked up 2 slabs of ribs and whipped up Coca-cola BBQ Slow Cooker Spare Ribs.  I also picked up a pot roast, which I am putting in the crock pot tomorrow with a pack of dry ranch, a pack of dry italian dressing mix, and 2 packs of brown gravy mix and a cup of chicken broth.  It is delicious !   I ended up just piercing the sweet potatoes and putting in the crock pot for 3 hours and they came out amazing !

So now I am up to my ears in quart size bags of mustard greens, which I cooked with spring onion and onion slices.  I have no idea why I am going veggie crazy, but I hope the cravings are a great sign !

I had a pretty depressing day. Two of the ladies who have IVF the week before me both got BFNs today.  I was heartbroken for Kristina and Laara.  I really really hoped that this would be their cycle.  One had insurmountable odds against her and it seemed like they prevailed.  It is just so hard to see someone’s hopes dashed and then for them to make the decision to just not pursue this anymore.  I wanted this for them more than anything.  My heart is so broken for them.

I am trying to keep myself focused on other things so tomorrow I will bake a cheesecake when we return from the hospital, where my mom is going in for a portacath procedure. They are putting in a portal for her chemo which starts next Monday for twelve weeks. After she finishes that, then she has to radiation daily for four plus weeks.

My sister and I made plans to take her out tomorrow night for a concert in DC, not knowing she had the procedure scheduled the same day.  I am hoping she bounces back from the anesthesia and will be awake by 5pm to leave for the concert.

Cancer Sucks ! – The 411

fuck cancer

My mother went into to see her breast surgeon this morning.  The bad news is that the cancer they found is a really nasty cancer.  The doctor said that had her oncologist acted when she initially told him about it and not told her that she did NOT have cancer again, it would have involved very minimal surgery.  They could not tell if this tumor is a new cancer occurrence or if it is a metastasized cancer.  Because the lymph nodes were removed eight years ago, the breast will find other places to drain, a new path, and it can not be determined where unless cancer shows up elsewhere in her body.

Because the cancer was found at a stage two, the doctor says that she will be fine.  She is just very sorry that the other doctor flubbed this and now she has to do chemo, radiation, meds AND two more surgeries.

I am beyond blown over this.  It is not fair.  My mom is the sweetest, most giving, wholesome and honest people I know.  Why?

IVF #3 Stims Day 5- The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 3

Tonight, I had a hard time doing my injections, mainly because I was very distracted.

This morning, I awoke to learn that a colleague and friend, super model Joanne Borgella, passed away at the age of 32.  She had a year long battle with a rare endometrial cancer.  I am heartbroken.  A few months ago, she was on the brink of remission.  I EFFING hate cancer !  This beautiful girl was planning her wedding…


Anyway, although I iced my tummy, I evidently stuck myself too far using the 22 gauge needle because I was bleeding after the injection.

I am worn out.  I spent the day working on film festival submissions and I stopped long enough to cook dinner:  smothered pork chops, rice, string beans, and honey corn muffins.

Now, I am going to go watch a little tv and figure out how to work this stupid EHarmony website.  I am paying $45 a month for this ish and have not taken the time to even use it.  I will start tonight. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well !

Pre-Surgical Tea for Mom – The 411

Tea for mom - october 2014

Today, we hosted a tea in honor of our mother to show our support for her upcoming surgery.  When my mom had cancer eight years ago, we started the tradition of hosting a tea for her.  Our mom collects teapots from all over the world.

Today, a few family friends came to high noon tea.  I spent the last two days baking.  The menu:

Orange Cranberry Scones

Buttermilk Scones

Current Scones

Cinnamon Breakfast Cake

Lemon-Vanilla Pound Cake

Vinegar Tarts

Gluten Free Brownies

Fudge Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Cucumber Herb Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Turkey and Italian Submarine Bites

Assorted Cheeses and Crackers

Wheat Herb Baguette Rounds

Assorted Teas, Honey, Lemon, Whipped Honey

Lemon Curd

Strawberry Preserves

Champagne Mimosas

My mother and our guests had a great time and the food, of course was awesome.  I love entertaining.  We are looking forward to hosting her “cancer-free” tea.

Time for my castor oil pack !!  Have a great weekend !!

Energetic !- The 411

baby - energetic

With all of the supplements and herbs I have been taking, coupled with the Daniel Fast I am on, my energy level is ridiculous !  I feel like an energizer bunny with nothing to do !

My mom had her PETscan on Monday and thank God, the cancer has not spread to any other place on or in her body !  It is just on the right breast that was removed.  They are going to do surgery to remove some of the breast tissue and the implant and put a temporary implant in.  She will go back in a few months and have the permanent implant put in.  While she is under, they are going to do augmentation and reduce the left breast since she has gained and lost weight in the past 8 years and the right breast sits higher than the left.  She will once again have perkier boobs than me !  😦   We tell her all the time she makes us sick !  lol

My mom’s cancer is a stage 2.  The same stage as it was 8 years ago.  She found her mamography report from a few months ago where they told her it was all clear.  I will be calling Willie E. Gary’s office next week to file a lawsuit. When a patient tells you something is wrong and there is a knot, you check it and say it is fine and do a sonogram AND a mammogram and STILL put in writing that there is no cancer, someone did not do their job !

In other news, I am still taking estrogen twice a day along with a laundry list of other supplements, meds and herbs.  I feel like a pill factory and like I am on a medication schedule ALL DAY LONG !   I am taking pills from 4:30 am until 8:00pm every day.  It will be worth it in the end.

I am enjoying my little vacation and am spending time with my mom and going to her multiple appointments.  My film crew will be back tomorrow so they will film me going about my daily business.  So much for not having to wake up and look cute right away !  I get up, hop in the shower and put on a tad bit of make up and lip gloss.  I have to dress up.  Not my idea of fun !

I joined a dating site at the urging of two of my friends and so far NOTHING !  None of these guys, that I like, look like the guys I would date.  If they do fit the bill in the looks department, they are not into interracial dating or their profile seems to make them appear buttholes ! Arrogance is NOT a cute quality to possess.  Then there are some guys who seem to have it together, but their profile is full of half naked pictures !  I am NOT looking for a booty call !

I have had a ton of older guys send me winks or inboxes, but I am so not into older guys. I do not have a “daddy complex” at all.  The thought of marrying a man much older than me is not appealing !  I love young energetic guys. I need someone who can match my energy.  I am not ready to sit on the porch and rock just yet ! lol

If you are following my blog and have ever had success with online dating PLEASE share some tips ! 🙂

Anyway, I am heading out for family date night!  My mom, grandmom and I normally go see the preview of a new movie on Thursday nights if something good is coming out.  I love that new movies preview the night before “opening.”

I hope all is going well with everyone else !