The Grace and Favor of God – The 411

So… remember the lesion the radiologist said was on my mother’s spine? Remember that the oncologist was perplexed as to why she had no pain or discomfort in the left shoulder area, given the diagnosis?

My mom was sent the next day to radiology oncology for further evalution and to get scheduled for radiation therapy to nuke the area. The doctor looks at her PET Scan and CT Scan and does another scan in office and looks at my mom and says “THERE IS NOTHING THERE!” Well, look at GOD ! Won’t He Do It?

The doctor informs my mom that even if there is a lesion there, that is nothing to worry about. He ordered an MRI to be on the safe side and said that if it shows anything there, they will do five radiation sessions to nuke it so it does not cause problems down the line, but it is not a life threatening situation.

My mom is over the moon, as are we.

Only God !

CANCER FREE Mommy ! – The 411

cancer free 2

Well, look at God !!!   My mother had a Petscan on Monday, following a suspect Ct Scan a few weeks ago.  The doctors were worried about a change in the left breast and an unidentified mass in the right one where she had cancer that was just treated for the past almost two years.  They felt the right breast was more likely scar tissue from 36 rounds of radiation.

The right breast was n fact just scar tissue which has shrunk since the CT Scan, indicating that it is healing and the left breast is just a ruptured implant that will have to be replaced ! They compared the 2007, 2014 and 2016 tests and are certain that our mother is 100% CANCER FREE !!

I bless the Lord for His faithfulness and unwarranted grace !

2016 IS going to be our year !  AMEN !!! 🙂