Five Weeks ! – The 411

IVF - Keep Calm 5wks Pregnant

I am officially five weeks two days pregnant.  I have already started to experience insomnia and some days, the morning sickness kicks in off and on throughout the day.  For some reason, most of the queasiness sets in at night.  I woke up last Thursday almost vomiting.

I have also noticed that I am excessively thirsty, craving water, craving specific foods sometimes, and am starting to be a bit constipated.  I am going to pick up some Dulcolax stool softeners to take in the mornings to make sure I do not become constipated, as that is not cute AT all !

Tomorrow, I take my mom for her PetScan at 7:30 am and as soon as she is done, we are heading to the women’s imaging center for my first scan.  I will look for a Labcorp while my mom is doing her PetScan or will just do it after my sonogram.  I am excited to know what my beta is since I have not had it checked since 2/1.  I am also hoping to clearly see how many sacs are present.  Please send up some prayers that I have more than one baby in there but less than three LOL.

I will update tomorrow, after I find out what is what.  I am a bit worn out.  We spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC with my sister so that we could go support my nephew at his basketball game.  I got to spend some quality time with the fam and my little mini me, DJ.  My little three year old niece is so adorable and so smart !  It is like talking to a little adult.  She has way too much sense for a child.  I also had a ball hanging out with my dog, Langston.  He was chirping when he saw me and slept with me the whole time I was there.  I miss him so much, but it is highly unlikely my sister and niece are going to want to give him back now… he is like a part of their little clique. lol.

I am signing off and will wait for the Half Time show and then it is night night !

Blog Update 01/17 – The 411

baby - ivf egg and sperm

My embryos are growing in a lab and awaiting Mommy to come get them and nestle them inside ! Tomorrow at 10:30 am, I have acupuncture and then at 11:30 am, Dr. Kiltz is going to transfer embryos to my womb.

Today, I got up as usual and started my injection and pill swallowing regimen.  I then learned that a friend, Comedian Joe Torry is flying in to Syracuse and performing tonight at Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant at Destiny USA.   My mom and I went there this morning to see Will Packer and Tim Story’s new film Ride Along 2.   The movie was really good.  After the movie, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Tonight, I am going to go back to Destiny USA for Joe’s comedy show.  It should be a lot of fun.  I tried to get my mother to come along, but she has declined to go.  She only likes a handful of comedians because she says they do a lot of cursing and the majority of their content is about sex or vulgar.  lol

In family news, my sister who lives in North Carolina and my little mini me niece drove up to my other sister’s house in Northern Virginia/DC area for the impending birth of our niece’s baby. My niece is finally having some contractions and her mucus plug came out last night or early this morning.  By the time I get back to the DC area, I will be a great-auntie !  Not sure I like that title… I am not even a mother yet…

This week is going to be a stressful one. My mother will get the results of her CT Scan on Thursday at her appointment with her Oncologist.  We are praying that she gets an all clear, despite the fact that she is acting like she expects them to find something.

I would love to hear from you ladies as to what you feel I should do if I have more than two embryos tomorrow.  I am torn still as to how many to transfer back.  As far as I know, I have three, three day embryos.  I am not sure if I should transfer two and hope for the best, or transfer all the embryos.  My dilemma is, if I transfer three, then I will have no embryos left and will have to do another cycle with another donor since my current donor is no longer cycling.  I do have another donor that I like, but she does not look like me and is much lighter in complexion than I.  If I transfer two, then I would have one to freeze, if it is of quality to freeze, and transfer later.  The only concern there is that the embryo may not be good enough to freeze and also that even if frozen, does not guarantee that it will survive the thaw.

If I transfer all three, and none of them stick, then I have to start all over again.  The new donor would have to do a fresh cycle instead of a frozen one.  There are no donors in the frozen bank that I like.

Why does this have to be so darned complicated?   If only all of the eggs would have made embryos, then I would have two transfers worth of embryos or even three if I did two at a time.  Then again, that would all depend on them making it to freeze and thawing properly.

I definitely want twins, however, I do not want triplets.  My mom wants me to have triplets… not sure why that is even a thought in her head, given how she knows I have no tolerance for a lot of foolishness and just a little bit of patience. Two will be a lot of work, but I am mentally prepared for it.  I just can not see myself with three kids. Whoa !

Prayers needed tomorrow and please weigh in with your thoughts ~


Blog Update 01/13 – The 411

Very Cold

Today, it was MUCHO FRIO !  I do not know who in heaven turned the heat off, but in Washington District of Columbia suburbs, !

This morning, we got up at 5:30 am because my mom had a CT scan scheduled and she had to start drinking the barium.  I text chatted with my best friend, Gary, for an hour and then I got up, showered and got ready to leave out for the radiology center.

It took about an hour for her to come out  and then we went to Walgreens to get Imodium for me and then headed back South to my sister’s area of town to eat breakfast and then go back inside.

We are praying that my mother’s scan shows no cancer !  She has an appointment next week on Thursday with the Oncologist to go over the results.

Tomorrow, I am glad that I have nothing on my schedule, except a possible meeting with an investor liaison who is on the East Coast for pre-production of a film being shot in CT. Since we are both within an hour of each other, he wanted to try to meet.  I am really excited about the work we are embarking on !  It has been a LONG time coming, but God sends you what you need when you need it and when He is ready for you to walk in that space in time.  My latest mantra has been: Do not ask God to order your steps if you are not willing for move your feet.


Blog Update 01/06 – The 411


Today is the 23rd day of jabbing myself with needles and ramming up to 25 pills down my throat.  Today is the 4th day of extreme queasiness and the 1st day I am starting to feel better.

Last night, once I felt the queasiness pass, I was hungry and decided to make gluten free 10 cheese mac and cheese. BADIDEA.COM

I felt horrible about an hour after eating it and my stomach burned all night !

Imagine how happy I was when I realized that I only have to take the doxycycline for a total of five days ! So tomorrow, I get sprung ! Last day of torture !

I am traveling tomorrow to Washington DC.  I am hoping that this time my hotel room is available upon my early am arrival !  I hate waiting around or having to select another room when I had already pre-selected the one I wanted.

I am all packed and ready to leave in the wee hours.

I am excited that my appointment is on Monday and I learn my transfer date.  Hopefully everything looks good with my uterus/ lining and I can transfer this month.

On Wednesday,  my mom has to go in for a Petscan to make sure the cancer has not metastasized.  She hasn’t been feeling well and sleeps more than normal.  Prayerfully, it is just the medications she is on causing these symptoms.  I won’t let my mind go beyond that thought.  2016 is going to be a year of complete healing and prosperity in every thing, on every level.  I am trusting God for that !!



IVF #6 -Ready Set Go – The 411

IVF 6 - cd21 start of stims

Okay, my nerves are SHOT !  I am sitting here putting all my meds together that I have to start on Monday !  The only med I am awaiting is the compounded Naltrexone, which will be ready for pick up on Tuesday afternoon.  Long story short, my clinic called the script into Apothecary by Design, and as usual, they are not licensed to ship meds to my State !  UGH.   They are expensive anyway.  I called Target where I normally pick up my other meds and asked for a referral to a reputable compounding pharmacy which was local and they gave me the name of one.  I called to verify that they could compound 1.5 mg Naltrexone and it was half the price of what Apothecary charges !  I contacted the nurse and let her know about the situation and gave her the info on the local pharmacy and she called the script in.

Monday night, I start injecting Lupron.  I do not look forward to the headaches, mood swings and sore joints and bones, but I ready to be pregnant already, so I will do what I must.  In addition to the injections, I am already taking various supplements and meds.  My protocol is: Prenatal Plus, (3) Tums twice a day, baby asprin, Optimized Folate, EPA/DHA (to reduce NKAs) , Biotin, and Synthroid.  I am also taking Naproxen for my achiles tendonitis. Tuesday night, I start taking the low dose Naltrexone 1.5mg the first week, 3.0mg on week two and the third week, if I can tolerate it, increase to 4.5 mg.

After baseline, I start taking Estrace three times a day for 12-14 days. The other meds in my protocol are progesterone, HCG wash, Lovenox, Endometrin, Doxycycline, Cleocin vaginal suppositories, and Neupogen.  I am not sure when they will have me take those yet.

It is ridiculous the amount of meds we must take to attempt to get pregnant and crack heads get breathed on and they pop out babies !  I am so overwhelmed by all the meds every single cycle upon looking at them.  I also become riddled with worry about the outcome of the cycle, but it will be what it will be.  I have to have the sperm vial shipped to the clinic, but will do so on January 2nd and have them send it out for Tuesday delivery. The eggs will be thawed and fertilized on Friday, so that will be plenty of time.  I will leave for Syracuse on Friday as well, as I have to go the HCG wash on Saturday (tentatively). I am hoping that all stays on point with this timeline so that I can do my transfer and get to Washington DC area for the arrival of my niece’s baby.  I also have to start packing so that the rest of my belongings can be taken to storage for the movers to pick up everything from one place and take everything to California.  I have so much stuff that it requires a 53 foot tractor trailer to take the items.  I really should have gotten rid of more furniture, especially since I am changing the color scheme to gray, white and tangerine.  I will just sell what I do not wish to keep once I get everything out there.  Most of my boxes contain kitchen gadgets, stemware, kitchen stuff… etc.  I entertain a lot so I of COURSE need all that stuff right? lol

In other news:  My mother is recuperating well from her surgery.  She is finally coming to the conclusion that she has to slow her buns down !  She thought she would just jump up and start doing things as before, and her pain level is teaching her otherwise.  She is hardheaded LOL.

This weekend, I am decorating the condo for Christmas.  I spent yesterday putting the tree up.  I think it needs more lights so I will string another 4 or 5 strands on it today and then hang the ornaments and stick the plums and other decor on it.  My mom is working on the buffet decor and the table.  This year, I decided to do all silver decorations.  It is looking pretty good.  I will just be glad when I am done ! I miss my decorator!! My niece has a friend who LOVES to decorate. He did the entire house for me last year.  I am tempted to put him on a plane and let him do it, but I am almost done and I am not that deep in the pockets for such lol.

I will post pictures when I am done with the decorating.  Have a great weekend !!

Praise Report – The 411

praise report

This morning, we got up at 5 am, after traveling to DC the day before, to head to the hospital for our mom’s reconstructive surgery.  She was wheeled into surgery at 8:30 am and was in recovery around 11:20 am.  At 12:45pm, we were able to go back to see her.  She was groggy and sleepy, but well.  Her plastic surgeon, who she has been with since 1997 when she had her first occurrence of breast cancer, came out and told us that the surgery went well and that my mom’s blood pressure was bouncing around so make sure she takes her meds.

After a full day at the hospital, my mom was discharged at 3:30 pm and we got on the road to my sister’s house.  My mom is resting on the sofa and waiting on my sister to bring her spaghetti bolognese and chicken soup from Carrabbas.

Tomorrow, I have to get up at 3 am to trek home to NYC for my doctor’s appointment with my Internist.  Hopefully he can figure out what is going on with my achilles tendonitis and get me on the mend.  I have to do blood work with him as well to see how things are looking after being on prednisone so long and see if things have regulated.

After I am done at Dr. Witt’s office, I am meeting with the police detective at the precinct near my apartment to file another police report regarding the death threats I have received and harassment from my stalker !  Six months later and this nutcase is STILL calling my phone in the middle of the morning and calling from spoofed numbers.  After filing this report, I will be changing my phone numbers.

I have twelve more days before I begin cycling !!   Here does IVF #6 🙂

Oh My God Sweet Baby Jesus ! This JUST Got REAL ! – the 411

Oh My GawdThat moment when you speak to the nurse coordinator about your upcoming cycle and learn that since today is CD1, the very next CD1 is the first day of your IVF cycle !   OH LAUD !!!

After starting my day annoyed by people’s posts on Facebook (1) regarding the recently orphaned teen girl who was physically assaulted by a “police officer” in South Carolina and the rude, arrogant, judgmental statements spewing out of the mouths of racist individuals I actually thought were decent people (until they posted the most ignorant and racially charged words a person could say) and (2) a thread which started yesterday about people being allowed to bring children to a fertility clinic for their treatment which turned into a conversation about secondary infertility-  I feel that if you are a parent, and you PLANNED to be a parent, then be an adult and hire a babysitter and stop bringing children to places children have no place being- moreover, I do NOT want to be at a fertility clinic watching women fawn all over their existing children when mine never made it to birth…  it is rude and inconsiderate !  and while I feel for any woman who is battling infertility, there is NO comparison of SI to a woman who has never had the opportunity to be a mother.  There is a different level of pain.  These are two different situations and one does not negate the hardship of the other, but it is just different….  SO after reading this foolishness, I was annoyed until…. My nurse called to discuss the plan for my upcoming cycle and to go over what to expect.

Well, color me surprised that I start taking birth control pills after my next cycle !  In 5 weeks, I will be back to CD 1 and will start the pill along with the donor to sync our cycles YIKES !  This Just Got Real !!  Now I have butterflies in my stomach ! I take birth control pills then I will be on Lupron until I am instructed to start taking Estrace to thicken my lining.  I will also be on two different antibiotics (Doxycycline) and some other one that begins with a C that I have never heard of that is taken vaginally.  I also will have to take PIO and Endometrin plus all my normal autoimmune meds. My meds have been ordered and I will fill them over the next month !!  THIS JUST GOT REAL !!!

I have to purchase another all access pass to Xytex again and look through the all of the profiles to make sure that I do not want to change my donor for a better model (lol).  I have not looked at the donor list since 2013 when I selected my donor, who I used for all of my cycles.  I am going to make sure there are no newer donors that I may like better.  I am kinda nervous about changing donors, but in almost two years, I am sure some new people have surfaced possibly and I may like them better….

In other news, my film has been screening as a final selection of the Reel Recovery Film Festival all across the USA.  I was invited to do a live appearance for Q&A at the New York and Los Angeles festivals and next Saturday, it is screening in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I am elated that all that hard work paid off and I am now an award winning film producer !

I am still dealing with Ms. Lunatic, Cristal !  For some reason, she is under an illusion that calling my phone from spoofed numbers, posting negative reviews about my books on websites and the like will not be tied back to her.  There is this little thing the Police and FBI do called INVESTIGATING IP ADDRESSES and they can track things back to the originator.  That coupled with public death threats and ones she has made over the phone and via text from spoofed numbers, it is just a matter of time before she lands herself in a padded cell.  It has been since MAY and this woman is STILL obsessed with me.  WHO does that? Insane Assylum-bound idiots !

On the family front, my sister and I are throwing a Tiffany & Co. Themed baby shower for our niece next week in Washington DC and it is a surprise for my niece.  I have been busy learning how to make cake pops and purchasing all the favors and items for the shower.

My mom is scheduled to start her reconstructive surgery on December 2nd !  We lucked out that she no longer has to have her stomach done to fix the breasts ! No flap needed !  She will be getting two new implants and the left breast lifted and made smaller to match the right one. We will be in Northern Virginia for a week while she recuperates.

I am excited about being there because I will be able to spend some time mentoring pregnant teens with the Mary Elizabeth Project and also have time to volunteer at two shelters I support.

I am headed out shortly to Dollar Tree to go shopping for cases of items needed to make blessing bags for the homeless.  My friend, former American Idol contestant, Frenchie Davis, is doing these bags for the homeless on Skid Row in LA this year so I am buying items to help out with her cause.  I also opted to donate the money I was going to spend on myself during my annual Christmas Shopping Spree to a cause my make up artist is heading up to purchase Christmas gifts for homeless and low income children.   I normally buy myself a new coat, boots, jewelry at Macy’s sales, and new clothing I find on sale, so this year, I will not be buying gifts for myself but for children and I feel pretty darn good about it.

In ME news, I have been doing my walk/run intervals every morning for 3.5 miles and again in the evening for 2 miles.  I also go to aqua zumba 2-3 days a week.  I am awaiting a call back from a great ballroom dance school and I am going to take lessons.  I am truly enjoying living on the ocean and waking up to waves every morning or looking at the moon sit and shine over the ocean at night.  I know now that this is where I belong !  ON THE SEA ! lol.   Now if God can get that memo and make my pockets match up so I can buy a house on the Pacific Pallisades and a nice 100 ft yacht and all will be well with the world !  As you can see, I am big dreamer… but hey, you have to have something to work towards.  🙂

I am headed out to Dollar Tree and then off to a consignment shop to look for baby boy clothes for the teen I am sponsoring.  I will also look for cute clothes for my niece and my niece’s baby… onesies are sooooo cute ! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone !!