IVF Stimming Bloat – The 411

IVF Stimming Bloat - The 411

As women dealing with infertility, we faithfully inject medications in to our bellies with the HOPE of getting to finally become a mother.

For the past seven evenings at 6 pm on the dot, I have injected 450 units of Gonal F, 150 units of Menopur, 5 units of Lupron and a pre-filled syringe of Lovenox.

I noticed nothing changing until yesterday when I felt a little “full” in my abdomen above my pubic hair line.

This morning I woke up and felt like my ovaries were stretching like they do a week before the onset of menses. It feels like that but also like someone took a balloon air tank and pumped a little air inside that area. It is a weird sensation and I can not say it is overly uncomfortable, I just do not like it.

Today, I did finish the Femera.

My hope is that I will not start feeling pain and extreme bloat over the next two nights with injections and that with the Ovridel, I do not develop OHSS. I am frightened that I will develop OHSS and my cycle will be cancelled. I do not want to have to freeze all of my eggs and wait two months or more, do more stim meds and THEN do a transfer. I really want to get started, get a BFP and have twin girls THIS YEAR ! Is that too much to hope and pray for?

Perusing the IVF boards on FB yesterday, I got the shock of a lifetime when one lady at my clinic who has IVF is pregnant with TRIPLETS ! She transferred three and they ALL took ! WHAT the WHAT???? I am thinking of transferring three with the hope of upping my chances of having twins. What is three stick? Oh Em Gee ! I do NOT want three babies… Now I am officially scared !