IVF # 5 – Stim Day 16 – The 411

ivf 5 - keep calm and stim on

Today is stim day 16 !  Wow !!! 16 whole days of injecting medications into my belly AFTER popping birth control pills for 21 days plus injecting Lupron for 7 days.  This has been the longest cycle…  37 days on this protocol thus far.

This morning, I popped the Prednisone and then injected the Lovenox, Ganirelix, and Neupogen.  I had a class to attend at Howard University School of Divinity this morning that ran until this afternoon.  On the way to my mom’s I stopped off at Target after lunch to grab another box of Claritin, that I take every morning as a part of the immune suppression in this protocol.

I pray that all this long drawn out effort brings me two of the sweetest, most intelligent and gorgeous babies this side of Jordan ! lol

Tonight, I will mix up the Menopur and inject it and also my Follistim.  It is so hard to believe that I only have a few more days.  I still do not have the swollen ovary feeling I normally have on the Gonal-F.  Maybe it is because I do not have a ton of oversized follicles yet.  I thought that I would feel something by now.   I wonder if it is attributed to the new meds?

I hope everyone is having a great weekend !  Tomorrow I am going to church very early and then going to see Blackbird at the theater in Maryland.  I have to pack my things for Albany and ship them out on Tuesday so that my clothing, sheets, meds, and gifts for the staff will arrive on Thursday.  I will be heading to Albany after the funeral on Thursday, provided I do not have substantial growth this weekend and get pushed to trigger and report earlier.  Right now the plan is set.   I so not want to haul luggage with me to a funeral, so I will pack a box and ship the things to the hotel and then just ship them back home the day I leave.

IVF #5 – Lupron Overlap Starts Today – The 411

ivf 5 medsivf 5 meds 2

Today, in addition to the birth control pills I have been taking since CD3, I added the lupron 10 unit overlap.  Birth control pills and lupron are given as down regulation to down regulate the LH and FSH.

I did the lupron injection this morning and have had a low dull headache all day long.  I am going to take Tylenol shortly and then take a quick afternoon nap.  Headaches are no fun.

I will be doing Lupron injections until Sunday and then I have been given instructions to stop the pill and Lupron after Sunday.  I have a baseline appointment scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th.  They will be checking for activity in response to the meds I have been taking.  Within a week of stopping the birth control pills and Lupron, I should get a period and then I have another baseline and immediately start the antagonist protocol:  ganirelix.

I will keep you updated !

IVF #5 – Birth Control Pills and Supplements – Agonist Day 1 – The 411

ivf #5 - the beginning

Today, I started taking birth control pills for the agonist portion of my new protocol for IVF #5.  Of course I feel sick on the stomach !   I HATE taking BCPs but will do whatever I have to do to get these twin girls here ! 🙂

I am also back on my supplement regimen of 600mg of Co Q 10 (200mg three times a day), 10,000mcgs Biotin, B6, B12, Zinc, Melatonin, Prenatal Plus Iron, Inositol (4g), Vit D (4000 mg) and baby asprin.  I am also taking 4 Citrical +Mag  & D daily as well.

Taking all these supplements and spacing them out in addition to making sure I eat every three hours 150-200 calories of veggies, fruit, and lean meat is like a job !  I drink 100-125 ounces of water daily, so I am worn out doing all of this.   I am on a mission to drop 25 lbs before I start stimming at the end of April !

Here we go….. IVF #5 … MY cycle !!



I called my doctor and learned that I had 7 antral follicles on one side and 8 on the left ! Whoooo hoooo ! That is with NO stims ! That is just au naturale ! Well, with the help of fertility acupuncture, chinese herbs, and a mad supplement regimen !

No wonder two of those suckers decided to hang around and become cysts and hang up my plans for ER/ET stimming.

At any rate, I am on the second day of birth control pills to suppress ovulation and prevent development of any additional cysts and shrink the two that are there.

It has been so long since I have taken birth control that I do not even recognize the names of them LOL. How terrible !

I was, however, reminded WHY I did not like BCPs… NAUSEA ! Oh Em Geeee ! I am so nauseated I am back in bed today ! I guess this is preparation for upcoming morning sickness eh?