IVF #6 – Stim Day 8 – The 411


Today, I am preparing to depart for Christmas in Washington !  It is my eight day of stims and nearing CD1 which is supposed to be Wednesday… It feels like it may come a day early 😦 . Everything is going well with the meds and today, I picked up my script for Synthroid 175mg that my doc called in and picked up the other 37 LDN pills from the compounding pharmacy that screwed with my order.

I ordered this book called The Insulin Resistance Diet – How to Turn Off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine.  I can not wait to get to my hotel tomorrow morning and spend the day tearing into the info !  We are leaving early in the morning for Washington, as my mom has a dental appointment and right after, we are meeting our family friend, Patti, for lunch.

In baking news, the second batch of the Orange Cranberry Brioche came out amazing !  The recipe is a keeper !  🙂  Pics below of batch 2

Here is a picture of the first recipe I used that had 1/2 the amount of eggs, milk instead of water, and 3/4 the amount of butter…

Orange Cranberry Brioche - 1st recipe

Anyhoo…  I just packed the car with my luggage and gifts that I have to take with me and I am about to open my gift that just arrived from my godson and best friend and then I am going to watch Family Feud with my mom, as I do every afternoon.  I will do so with a big mug of tea with my Lavender organic honey from a CA honey farm that came for me today.  One of my IVF buddies on FB told me about the place and arranged for two gallons for me !  I am so excited 🙂

Good evening everyone !

IVF #6 – Stim Day 7 – The 411

I have made it through a whole week of stims.  So far, outside of a waves of a little queasiness, I have had little side effects form the meds.  I have noticed that the inflammation with my achiles tendonitis, is subsiding as well as the pain.  The LDN coupled with the Naproxen seem to be the magic pills so to speak.  I am still staying off my feet as much as possible.  I walk around the condo and also went out to dinner, but I am not walking or running 6-7 miles a day.

This morning, I created another recipe that I started on for the Orange Cranberry Brioche.  This dough is soooo pliable and silky.  If it tastes as good as this perfect textured dough looks, then I have created the perfect brioche on the second attempt !   The first was delicious, but I wanted more of a rise to the bread.  This second recipe did give me a nice rise.  I punched it down, kneaded it, and put it back in a proofing bowl and will refrigerate is overnight. I will take it out in the morning, knead it, roll it into a rectangle, add the cranberries in the center and then roll the dough into a log and cut them and put into the mini loaf pans to rise for three hours before baking.  This second dough has 2.5 sticks of butter in it and six eggs.  I can not wait until the loaves are baked so that I can see if I have a winner.

I am also going to make Bourbon Vanilla Sourdough Waffles tomorrow as well so that I can get rid of some of the sourdough starter I have been growing.

I am looking forward to my baseline on Wednesday morning so that I can start the estrogen injections !  I am ready to get this show moving and get these twins in the womb ! 🙂