First Kick ! -The 411


While lying down watching TV and trying to fall asleep last night, I felt a recognizable kick ! I thought to myself, no way that’s a kick, but it’s not gas or a flutter.  I tapped my tummy on the right side where the baby usually is and she kicked where I tapped!  I tapped on the left and she kicked there too ! 

What a strange but exhilarating experience !!

What an amazing end to a horrific day.  I was so down all day after learning of the murders in Orlando and then reading of a girl on one of the support group pages suffering a loss at 22 weeks out of the blue.  I was completely freaked out and bummed.   My little Queen kicking and responding to my touch was right on time !  I am so in love with this baby ! #gushingwithpride 🙂