Two New Publications ! – the 411

During this downtime, I completed the two cookbooks I had been working on ! Woot woot ! I just wanted to share the covers.

The Foodie’s Bible
The Gadget Cook’s Bible

Leave a note below letting me know what you think !! Hope everyone is doing well.

Quarantine Life Month 3 – The 411

This has been the LONGEST three months of life LOL.  After recovering from Covid-19, I have been busy cooking for elderly families we know.  I have completed a 337 page cookbook that I had been compiling for years and am almost finished with the second cookbook I am releasing this year that has recipes exclusively for pressure cookers, slow cookers and air fryers.

My daughter has had a blast hanging out in the kitchen with me cooking.  She loves stirring and adding in ingredients to the bowls.

My website is now almost complete and my web store is being loaded with my publications.  I am having a zoom meeting with my team this week to learn how to add recipes I want to feature on the website.

I am soooo bored being stuck at home, but I am also grateful that we are at the beach and not stuck in NYC.  This pandemic has hampered my plans to move.  I will wait until late Fall or early Winter before I attempt to move.  We are content here and I am not willing to risk getting reinfected with covid just to move to another home.   The upside is the mounting problems with the economy should work in my favor when it comes to negotiating prices for homes.

I have been so down about not being able to travel internationally for my upcoming birthday and having to cancel my daughter’s birthday trip to Ireland and Scotland.  We will wait to see what happens with this virus and then plan to travel in 2021 as soon as it is safe to.  I have NEVER been caged up this long.  lol.  I would have been on a few short trips by now, but in the house we are.  There are way too many people who have converged on our area from up North and it just is not safe to be out.  People are here from NY, NJ, RI, PA, MA, etc and no one is wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

I am looking for a beach house in a secluded area to rent for a few weeks so that we can get out of here.  If all else fails, there are beautiful lake front homes in FL and GA that we can look at.  I just want to go somewhere for a change of scenery.

How are you all handling the quarantine?  What are you doing to pass the time?  Leave some comments and say hello !


Quarantine Life- The 411


Soooo… 2020 is full of Crazy Crap eh?

My year started out full of hope. I landed a dream gig acting in a major theatrical production. Then my mom had to have emergency spinal surgery, which corrected a lot of her issues, especially balance and chronic back pain and the severe depression that accompanies chronic pain. Then my nephew’s team was to play in the NCAA and we went to NC to see the team play at the end of February and a few weeks later, took off for NCAA in Dallas/ Ft Worth. My brother in law rented a beautiful house downtown Ft Worth and we were going to have a blast. BUT CORONA LA’SHAY DA-VIRUS brought her raggedy tail on the scene and wrecked our 2020 Perfect Vision New Century plans ! NCAA got cancelled. Travel bans were put in place. The day after we landed in Dallas, I mysteriously had conjunctivitis in my right eye ! I woke up the next day and could taste NOTHING and my nose and the baby’s nose were running. I had a slight sore throat. I figured the pollen was just bad and my seasonal allergies were kicking in.

We stayed in Dallas the rest of the week and watched the Rona shut every thing down ! More and more cases were being announced ! We decided to cut our trip short and fly back to the condo at the beach. NYC was definitely a NO NO ! We got home and the next day, the baby and I felt like we were getting the flu or something. The baby had a fever and was sleeping a lot. My tummy and throat started burning like I had swallowed hot lava for three days so I climbed in bed and stayed, except to cook meals for our elderly neighbors. After a week of feeling like I had been hit by a truck, things leveled off and then my baby was very whiny and my mom started showing symptoms and they both had fevers, which I never got. Another two weeks of fatigue and symptoms persisted. I was finally able to get testing ordered at week 3. It took 11 days to get the results ! Thank goodness, we all had mild symptoms in comparison to what others are going through and that we never had any upper respiratory issues with the lungs.

Fast forward to quarantine week…. what week is this? Week 7 for us I think ! I have completed my cookbook FINALLY and ended up with 305 recipes total. I hired an editor and layout designer and the book will be ready for print in a week and a half and launches on all major retail sites by May 30th ! The Foodie’s Bible has been born ! My cooking show will soft launch on YouTube next month as well. My film crew is on lock down and so are we !

I have created so many new recipes over the past few weeks that we have been locked up in the house ! I am writing them all down and compiling additional smaller themed cookbooks. I can not wait to see how they come together. The baby has been helping me cook and she even taped a sample episode of my cooking show this past week.

What are you doing to pass the time?

Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Gel

(Effective in helping to kill Covid19/Coronavirus in conjunction with washing hands)


1 cup of 91% isopropyl alcohol
½ cup of aloe vera gel (natural or store-bought)
15 drops of tea tree oil (or another antibacterial essential oil)


  1. Pour the alcohol into a medium container with a pouring spout. Some recipes online use vodka instead of isopropyl alcohol, but most vodkas don’t contain a high enough percentage of alcohol to be effective.

Note: Using isopropyl alcohol diluted beyond 91% will result in a more weaker hand sanitizer that doesn’t meet the CDC’s 60% benchmark.

  1. Measure and pour the aloe vera gel. Alcohol can be hard on your skin, so using aloe is a good way to counteract that effect and keep your hands smooth. If you want to keep things natural, you can use aloe vera gel straight from the plant without worrying about it going bad—the alcohol will act as a preservative. However, you will need to keep in mind that natural aloe gel is thicker than its store-bought counterpart and will thus affect the final product differently—it will make your hand sanitizer more sticky, which means you’ll need to rub your hands more times for it to fully absorb.
  2. Add the essential oil. Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial, so it makes sense to use it here. But if you’re not a fan of its smell, you can use another type of essential oil, like lavender, lemongrass, or eucalyptus.
  3. Whisk. To fully mix all ingredients, stirring won’t be enough. Get a whisk and beat that hand sanitizer into an homogeneous gel.

Whisk in measuring cup
Shake that sanitizer like a Polaroid picture.

  1. Sanitize your spray bottles and pour in your hand sanitizer. Spray some of your leftover alcohol into your bottles and let them sit until the alcohol has evaporated. Pour in your sanitizer.
  2. Label your containers. You don’t want any accidents where you or anybody else ingests your newly made hand sanitizer. Take the time to label your bottles.

(C) Valerie The Pajama Chef

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray – Recipe


1 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol

1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide

1 teaspoon of 98% glycerin

¼ cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon (or 85 milliliters) of sterile distilled or boiled cold water


1. Pour the alcohol into a medium-sized container with a pouring spout. The percentages on the labels of isopropyl alcohol refer to the alcohol concentration in them. You’re dealing with almost pure alcohol if you’ve got 99.8%, whereas 70% means the bottle is only a little more than two-thirds alcohol, and the rest is water.

Note: Some formulations have tried to adapt these proportions to use 91% isopropyl alcohol or even 70%. But these alcohol concentrations will render a final product that doesn’t comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of using hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol to fight COVID-19.

2. Add the hydrogen peroxide.

3. Add the glycerin and stir. This ingredient is thicker than both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, so it’ll take some stirring to combine everything. You can use a clean spoon for this or, if your container has a lid, you can put that on and shake it well.

4. Measure and pour in the water. If you’re using 99% isopropyl alcohol, you’ll need to measure ¼ of a cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon of distilled or boiled cold water and add it all to your mix. If you’re using another percentage of isopropyl alcohol, just pour as much water as necessary to get to a final volume of 345 milliliters, or approximately 1.4 cups. Stir.

5. Sanitize your spray bottles and pour in your hand sanitizer. Spray some of your leftover alcohol into your bottles and let them sit until the alcohol has evaporated. Pour in your sanitizer.

6. Label your bottles. You don’t want any accidents where you or anybody else ingests your newly made hand sanitizer. Take the time to label your bottles. Go kill some germs.

Savory Pot Roast with Boursin Mashed Potatoes -@ValerietheapajamaChef


2 c baby carrots 2 large onions, vidalia, peeled and quartered

  • 5 lb chuck roast with good marbling ( fat= flavor)
    3 Tbsp fresh thyme
    3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary
    3 bay leaves, dried
    1/2 c olive oil
    2-3 c beef stock/broth
    1 c red wine (I used cab)
    1 pkg pot roast Crock Pot packet – whatever brand
    course grained sea salt
    fresh crushed black pepper
    1 c all-purpose flour


    1 pkg Boursin cheese, 8 oz
    1 c whole organic milk

    1/2 stick butter, salted

    3 lb red bliss potatoes
    green onion


1. Allow meat to sit until room temperature. Generously season with pepper and kosher salt.

2. Pour some olive oil into a pan. Heat on med-high until almost smoking. Put onion quarters in and brown on all sides (achieve a nice deep golden color). When browned, remove and put in bottom of Crock Pot.

3. Next add a little more oil if needed and put carrots into the pan making sure everything gets a nice color as well. Remove when evenly browned and add to Crock Pot.

4. Add the last of oil and let it heat up. While oil heats, dredge beef through flour making sure it’s evenly coated.

5. Sear the meat on all sides, about a minute or two, getting a GBD (Golden Brown and Delicious) color.

6. Pull out meat and lay it on top of onions and carrots.

7. Add rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves to the Crock Pot.

8. Mix pot roast packet into 2 cups of stock and stir until well combined then add to Crock Pot. (The liquid should come up about halfway on the meat.)

9. If there is a lot of oil left in pan, dump some of it out. Add red wine to deglaze the pan, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wisk for all those little cooked on yummy bits (that’s where a lot of flavor will come from). Reduce it by about half, then add it to the Crock Pot.

10. Set Crock Pot on high and cook for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours. You can leave it on low and it will keep going or, after 4 hours on high I usually turn it down and let it go another hour.

11. Boursin Mashed Potatoes! In the last 45 min of cooking get a big pot of SALTY water boiling. Wash all of the potatoes well. Stab all over with a fork. DO NOT PEEL.

12. Add potatoes to boiling water and cook until tender (falling off the fork when stabbed)

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Happy New Year !

We got back from London and took a drive to Orlando, Florida for New Year’s celebration.

We spent NYE with my nephew and his basketball team, as they had a conference game in Orlando.

We spent a few days in Orlando before heading to the beach.

We got back and had to do massive amounts of kiddy laundry plus our clothing from our trip and then we had to pick up the packages which arrived while we were away; mostly Christmas gifts.

I had the entire back of my SUV and the back seat loaded down with packages.

My baby was overwhelmed opening all of her packages and was mesmerized!

She still has toys that she has not opened yet. In fact, there are toys in storage from last Christmas that she never got around to opening so we boxed them up. They will all come in handy once we move to the lakehouse or farmhouse this Spring and we set up her playroom again.

We are excited for this new decade and all that is happening. I am manifesting great things !

My cooking show platform will launch this year and I will release 3 books before Spring. I am finishing up some studies in real estate development and will start the real estate license prelicensure course this week. I am doing some research on another field that is related and looking to launch a new LLC. Things are going well. We are just on week two and we have already sold one of the properties we bought this Fall. I started the REI to build generational wealth for my daughter. She gets so excited when I tell her that she sold another piece of property and now she can go shopping for some more. I think she believes that means she is going shopping for real lol.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are implementing your goals /plans for your life !

Christmas In London – week two – The 411

We have been enjoying London ! We checked into the Conrad London St James and they have us in a two floor suite ! The hotel is amazing and we stayed here in 2018 when we came for baby girl’s Tea For Two themed Birthday trip.

We went to Westfields for some retail therapy and dinner, the London Sea Life Aquarium (which was disappointing), Oxford Street, and other areas of London.


n Christmas Eve, we had a professional photo shoot. Baby girl was cranky and uncooperative at first. Can’t wait to see the pics !

After the shoot, we had Christmas Eve Tea at Westminister Abbey’s Cellarium Cafe and later had dinner at a pizza shoppe on Victoria Street.

Christmas morning, I was up for a while waiting on the baby to wake up ! She fell asleep last night but woke up a few hours later wanting to do a pic-mick (picnic) so I ordered room service.

Mommy Klaus woke up early and set up and just waited!

My baby girl finally woke up at almost 11 am. Santa also left a stocking on the door that he had the hotel staff leave for her.

Baby girl awoke and immediately came down and opened her gifts. I explained that Santa took most of her gifts to our home. She loved her books and toys.

We got dressed and went to Christmas Day service at Westminister Abbey. The boys choir sang. Right after we had dinner reservations.

Before we left, the hotel manager came by with a card and gift for me ! Parfum !!

The staff here are superb !

Christmas In London 2019 – The 411

I decided to take my baby and Mom to London for the Christmas holiday season. Things worked out that we actually came a week earlier than planned because it was a lot cheaper to go ahead an leave from NYC after my doc appointments than to go back to the beach and then back up.

We left for London last Wednesday and will be here until the 29th. We will then leave for Orlando fron NYC for New Years. We spent last year in Orlando as well. We will be relocating there this Spring. I am a bit over the beach, as it gets cold there now instead of staying warm during Fall thru Winter.

Here are some pics of the Christmas decor we have seen this week !

Tomorrow, we are taking the baby to the London Aquarium and will find another shopping centre to buy Christmas gifts. We left all of our gifts at home so that we would not have to drag them here in suitcases. There have been a lot of deliveries since we left as well, as my daughter’s aunties, uncles, godparents etc have been sending her gifts ! My sister bought her this massive Barbie dollhouse and I hope I can get it in my car ! I should have driven my suv up North lol.

We had a ball at the London Eye again this year.

I am so excited to provide this experience for my baby girl and for my mom to be well enough to enjoy it.

I will post more pics this week of our tea, shopping and site seeing !


2019/2020 Companies Which Cover Fertility Treatments – The 411

Live nation
Hilton – needs to be a corporate location
Bank of America – unlimited
Michael kors
Nestle – 25k closest outlets
American Airlines
Pepsi co- 35k
American eagle
Target – after 1 year work a min of 28hrs
Breakthru beverage
Citi- Tampa 24k 7500k day 1 ft
Capital one 60k
Wells Fargo 60k
Ford – corporate only not dealerships
Academy sports
Under armor- 3cycles /30 days after employment
Walgreens 15k 10k meds or 30k 20k meds
30hr week. 60 days after employment
Quicken loans
Fed ex
Nike -y 25k 10k meds
Amazon FT, 10 % oop 1 cycle, 2 if no live birth
Chase 30k, 10k
American Express 25k 10k
Duke energy 25k
5th 3rd Bank 2 rounds benefits 30 days from Employment
Spectrum 10k
Comcast – 2 retrieval’s 2 transfers 12 weeks maternity at 💯
Cocoa cola- 25k
Fidelity 30k
Cvs 10
Sprint 10
Ally financial – 3 full cycles including meds
Apple -20
Macy’s -33k
BNP -30k
Td bank -10
Anthem -10
Cigna -10
Barclays -30k
fresenius medical care -50k
Archer Daniels midland -40,10 ft day 1
Cisco – 50k
eBay – ?, Meds 5k, day 1
Anthem BCBS
Pershing LLC/ BNY mellon -20k,10k
REI inc -3 rounds part and full time Day 1
James Lang la sale -20k + 5kmeds, FT, day 1
United health care or optum 15,10
L brands 10k
W.L. Gore and associates 25k
Pyramid hotel group – unlimited
Morgan Stanley 15k. 30k
Wellsfargo 25,10
J.P. Morgan 30k
Master card 30k
Red Bull 1 round
Td bank 25k
Exxon mobile 3 rounds
Prudential 20
Geico 25
Time Warner cable
Avid technology – 25k
Morgan Stanley
Edward Jones 15k
Geico 25k
Farmers ins 10k ft
Symantec -2 rounds
Humana – 10k no meds
IStarbucks -15k 5k pt 20hrs week
Convergys- 20k work from home
Hertz – 2 positions (25k 10k meds, day 1 )
Bank of America
Verizon -20k
T-Mobile – 25k
Bio life -25k 20hrs week
Aldi ft –
Hilton – needs to be corporate
Jc penny -25k, 10k, FT, day 1