Halloween 2019 – The 411

This year, my baby girl dressed as Minnie Mouse ! I found this adorable get up on Amazon.com.

We went to a local mall to trick or treat since I do not trust neighborhoods and we are also on a retirement resort with a bunch of old gray hairs and no children, during this time of year. My baby had a blast.

My mom was mopping around and depressed given the diagnosis she had received the day prior.

I looked at her and told her to get her buns up and let’s go ! I explained that God has brought her through cancer THREE times and He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore… at least that is what MY faith says. I told her we are not doing this nonsense ! She can put on a fake smile and go celebrate with her granddaughter. She reluctantly obliged. Lol.

We had a good time and my mom did a little shopping.

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