Thirty-Two Weeks Old-The 411

  1. This week, my angel is 32 weeks old.

This week has been incredibly busy and stressful.  

We had to travel back home to NYC for a test shoot with Huggies on Tuesday.  We came back to the DMV to take my mom to PT & OT the next morning.  She has these sessions daily. Today, we took her to PT and OT, went to lunch and now we are at her Oncologist’s office so she can discuss treatment options for the breast cancer.  Thank goodness it is just a small external tumor.

I learned that a close friend was diagnosed this week with colorectal cancer.   It was caught early, however, I hate seeing people who are not deserving of such suffering suffer.  

I am in the planning phase for baby girl’s first birthday bash at Disney’s Animal.  My whole family will be there and also some of our friends.

I am finding the cutest items !!

The cake designer there has been hired and booked and I also ordered custom cookies and a smash cake.  We will freeze the smash cake for her to eat later since I am not a fan of smashing cakes.  I also ordered cupcakes to box up and give as parting gifts. 

We are staying at an amazing resort and I am prepaying for the suites now so that we can concentrate on airline tickets and park entrance fees next. 

My daughter loves Safari animals so she will be excited, I am certain.

My baby is now crawling and getting into everything.  She is so curious about the world around her.   She enjoys her daily lessons with the Experience Baby curriculum we order monthly.  I am ordering My Baby Can Read next to start using with her at age one.  I will start letting her sit on the potty next month.  We will see if she is receptive to it.  Hopefully, she will be potty trained by one or shortly thereafter .

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