Twenty-Nine Weeks Old – The 411

My little fluffy angel is 29 weeks old today.

She is such a sweet baby !  She is trying to crawl and now leaps forward to get things she wants. 

It is so cute to see her rock on her knees.  

Of all days, I am sitting in the emergency room with our mother having her evaluated for chest pain. She just got out of the hospital from the bout with ARDS, pneumonia,  and sepsis on the 23rd and was released to a rehab center.  They promised us she would get a private room and I gave them thru the weekend to make that happen.  They pulled the old bait and switch so I got back from the beach where I was packing up our things to go to storage, and went the center, packed up her belongings, took them to the car, came back, put her in a wheel chair and rolled her right out of there.   I went to a new condo complex near the hospital where her doctors are and where she used to live, and got a six month lease.  There is a gym, a pool, and the place is beautiful with hardwood floors and it faces the woods.   We will be back at the beach in September.

My mom’s doctor wrote scripts for physical and occupational therapy and for home health.  She will do outpatient treatment.   She is much happier being out of the center.  We have her in a hotel until then furniture is delivered on Sunday.   I found a gorgeous sectional with chaise on that my sister sent me a link for so I ordered that and we have been to a few stores getting things.   I have a ton of kitchen stuff in storage nearby so I plan to go tomorrow and get the boxes and unpack them and do grocery shopping.   The internet and cable will be installed on Monday.  

I will be so elated when we can go back to living life and not have it marred by illness.  I feel like we are being cheated out of enjoying the baby.  

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