Twenty-Six Weeks Post Partum – The 411

My little angel turned 26 wks old yesterday at 4:18 pm.   26 weeks of watching this amazing little creature grow, develop, change … right before my eyes.   She went from being a tiny little four pounds to a chunky little sixteen pounds.

Her eyes went from gray to blue and sometimes green to a beautiful mox of gray, brown, and blue and sometimes gray, brown and green.  

I think ultimately, her eye will be hazel.

She can sit up unassisted and after a while she will lean forward to the point she almost falls over and then she fusses.   She is starting to eat her feet and she scoots now when she is on her tummy.   She loves to sleep on her right side now with her head bent back.  It often scares me because she bends it so far back, you think she will snap her neck.

She is absolutely the love of my life !  She adores me too.  It melts my heart the way she lights up when I talk to her or when I walk into the room.   She flashes this huge smile when she sees me.  

She is the sweetest baby ever with a tinge of spiciness.  She definitely knows what she wants and is pretty vocal about it !  

Definitely my kiddo !

5 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Weeks Post Partum – The 411

  1. She is a beauty…So happy your are in love with your precious little girl.COngrats to both for the Carters GIg!…I am thinking of you and your mom..I have a candle lit for my husbands 100 yr grandfather who is also in the hospital for pnemonia. I will add your mama to our prayers.

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