Twenty-Five Weeks – The 411

Today my daughter is 25 weeks old and it is bittersweet that her grandmother and look alike is on life support and not even aware of her today.

My heart breaks at the thought that one day, my mother will no longer be here with us.  No one ever thinks of their loved ones leaving here.  I stand firm in faith that this is NOT that appointed time.  God is a healer and I declare and decree that our mother will rebound completely from this illness to awake and kick cancers ass one last time !  God can do what no man can do and He will divinely bring her through this healed.  

I look at my daughter and I want so much for her to grow up learning from and hanging out with her Grandmom.  My mother adores her and after all I went through to have this child, I deserve to have my mother around to watch her grow… come to her recitals… tag along to castings… vacation with.

I refuse to believe that God would be that cruel and only allow my mother to meet my child.  She needs to be here to watch her grow up and impart her wisdom to.

Ephesians 3:20~

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