Twenty-three Weeks On The Outside – Post Partum 411

Mommy’s little angel is now 23 weeks old.  It is still so surreal and I keep waiting to wake up from this dream.

Tomorrow we are headed home to NYC for the weekend as the baby has a casting with Carter’s for their infant clothing line.

I was looking at an online ad for them a week ago saying I could not wait to see her little face on a Carter’s ad and they called for her the next week. I wish God would listen to my other desires that intently ! Lol

Last week was my last week nursing. I made it a full 5 months and since we are a lot more mobile and she will likely be doing a lot of shoots through the summer, I am not going to want to be finding places to pump and I am only pumping 8-10 oz on a good day anyway. 

She is now eating fruits and veggies twice a day so I am glad we made it this far.

Her passport finally came last week and of course, they mispelled our last name so I had to send it back.  We are taking a family trip soon and she will need it !

I am in the process of planning her Safari themed 1st birthday party at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme park.  I was referred to a cake designer so I am getting the ball rolling.  My sisters and their families are flying in.  

I am sitting here awaiting a call from my mom’s surgeon.   Her surgeon looked at the knot and thinks its just scar tissue but did a biopsy to be sure.  Prayer would be appreciated !  

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