Nineteen Weeks Post Partum- The 411

Today, my little Queen turned 19 weeks old !  Can you believe how time has flown by?  

This week, not only has she become more consistent with flipping over and back, she is not starting to sit unassisted and is balancing herself using her hands.   She gets frightened when she gets tired and starts to fall forward.  

She is also becoming more spoiled!  When she cries and gets upset, if I go to YouTube and turn on Elmo’s Ducks, she stops hollering immediately and resumes tears if you stop the music.  

She still hates getting hair done and also despises getting her clothes on.  She has gotten better about taking warm baths.   

As you can see, my little angel can go from zero to sixty very quickly when she is displeased !  For a baby model, she isn’t very happy playing dress up !


The baby has nights where she goes to sleep at 8 pm and doesn’t awake until 6 or 6:30 am.  Lately, especially when she was sick with Croup, she would wake every 2-3 hours demanding to be fed.   Now she is going to sleep at 8 pm and waking up at 1 am and 4:30 am again.   Hopefully she will get back on schedule.  I am not going to force her to.  I decided against sleep training and will let her find her own rhythm for now. 

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