Seventeen Weeks Old – The 411

My precious girl is now 17 weeks old !  In a few days, she will be 4 months old ! Where does the time go?

She is now 14 lbs 4 oz, 24 inches long, and has mastered rolling over, sitting up with support and standing with support.   She is a lot more engaged and holds a whole conversation with you when you talk to her.  She now even initiates conversation.  I would love to know what she is trying to say.  

Mommy News:

I am doing well.  I am down 67 or 68 pounds from the day of delivery.  My incision has healed well and the feeling is starting to come back in that area though it feels strange.

I am still exclusively pumping and giving the baby half her daily intake and supplementing the other half with Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Formula. 

My legs still feel weird off and on from residual effects of the edema.

It still feels surreal to me that I had a baby and that she is here.

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