Baby Christening/ Dedication- The 411

Blessed be your mind, that you may grow in wisdom.

Blessed be your eyes that you may see truth.

    Blessed be your lips that you may speak with honesty.

    Blessed be your heart that you may give and receive love.

    Blessed be your hands that they may do great things.

    Blessed be your feet that you may walk a life-long path of honor.

    On Saturday, January 7, 2017, baby girl was christened by my pastor, Dr. H. Beecher Hicks Jr. in a private baby dedication ceremony.  Dr. Hicks, who is world renowned, has been my pastor since 1989.  My entire family belongs to Metropolitan Baptist Church and Dr. Hicks funeralized my father when he passed away from lung cancer in 2000 and my sister was married in the church.  He is so much like my late Grandfather (who was my heart) it’s uncanny.  The two of them met and they hit it off !  They even have some similar features. 

    It was no surprise that my baby girl was immediately drawn to him and started smiling and cooing at him right away. 

    My sister in NC and her children were unable to make the ceremony due to inclimate weather.  My other sister and the girls along with Kyrie were in attendance, as was my mom.   

    Mrs.Hicks and their daughter were there and assisted him.  

    The ceremony was perfect.

    Baby girl wore a beautiful white christening gown that I bought that morning.  The gown I ordered and had custom made, I hated once it arrived and it had been bothering me.   I decided I wanted her to have a different gown and I went out and purchased two.  I decided on one and will take the second one back today.

    My baby looked so beautiful in her gown and bonnet.  

    God gifted me the most precious gift anyone could ever have or ask for and I am charged with the task of making sure she knows who He is and how amazing, and loving He is.

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