Three Months Post Partum – The 411

Today, my angel celebrates 13 weeks/ three months on Earth !

Can you believe three months have gone by already?  Time slow down !

My baby cooes and seemingly says”hi” sometimes when we say is to her.  She is the sweetest, most delightful baby ever.  I am beyond in love with this child and I swear she is an angel in the flesh.

She wakes up and smiles at me and it melts my heart.  

I know I said I was not here for co-sleeping but I can’t help myself.  I spent $600 on a custom baby bassinet from Bratt Decor and she does use it during the day but at night, I want her next to me so I can watch her sleep and I love when she follows me in the bed.  I guess she loves body heat !

Parenting Fail:

I happened to read the side of her formula can and it dawned on me that I have been making her formula incorrectly the last several weeks.  I used 1 scoop per 1 oz of water instead of 2 oz of water !  oh em gee !

I don’t know how I did that and am just now catching it.  I have been making 3 oz bottles and making it with 3 scoops.  Thank God she only does 2-3 bottles and is given mostly breast milk.   She didn’t really like the formula and now we know why. After I started making it correctly, she drinks it without a fight.

Grandmom News:

My mother is doing well.  Her wound is almost closed now. She is feeling a lot better and is seeing her therapist weekly again for mortality induced PTSD.  She is doing a lot better since we forced her to ask her doctor to put her on sick leave until the end of December.  Her blood pressure has dropped to 120 over 80. It hasn’t been this low in years !

Mommy News:

I am down 65 pounds since giving birth.  I am doing well and mommy exhaustion has set in.  My mother started taking the baby some nights so I can sleep.

Since my MUA passed away a week ago, I have had trouble sleeping.  I miss him immensely.  His husband and family are planning his memorial service after the holidays. I had hoped it would be done now so we can grieve and start to heal.  

We are enjoying life at the beach.  I put up a Christmas tree for the baby in her room and am working on the big 8 ft tree in the living room this weekend.

One thought on “Three Months Post Partum – The 411

  1. We all say we will do this or that and once the baby is born we do what actually feels right. I never imagined I would be a co sleeping mama. It gets harder and then it gets easier. I could not imagine if my boy wasn’t right next to me all night. I love his warm cuddles. And watching him sleep. Enjoy it. 🙂

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