Eight Weeks Post Partum – The 411


We have made it through eight weeks !  Eight weeks of amazing, unconditional love.  Eight weeks of figuring out schedules.  Eight weeks of trying to get adequate sleep.  Eight weeks of awe….

My daughter is pure perfection !  Well, sans the occasional witching hours lol.  Since changing her supplemental formula to Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity, the gas, colic, and fussiness has subsided. I am still pumping exclusively.

My baby seems to love tummy time and has a really strong neck.  She holds her head up for quite a while and looks around.  My mom bought her a light thingy that reflects stars and the moon on the wall and ceiling.  She is infatuated with it !

She has started moving when she is in the bed.  She will move towards me when we nap. She loves body heat !   It is the cutest thing ever.  She just scoots back and over.

Another milestone we reached a few weeks ago that she is doing a lot more of is smiling and cooing.  She smiles so hard at us when we talk to her, especially in high pitched tones.

I am not looking forward to the baby’s vaccines  😦

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