The Painful Blocked Milk Ducts! – The 411

So, I wake up yesterday feeling like someone inflated my boobs and immediately feeling sorry for not having gotten my butt up and pumped !  

I had a hard , wedge shaped lump in my left breast and it HURT!

I called Jennifer, my lactation  consultant, and left her a detailed message and then hopped on FB to ask in the Mom groups what I could do before I cut that boob smooth off !

My lactation consultant text me saying to take Motrin every four hours and use cold compresses between pumping.  Um….. I .!My friend in the FB group told me to shower with hot water, dangle my boobs to help create pressure while massaging and then put cabbage leaves on the breast for about two hours to dislodge the blockage.   Low and behold, it worked !  I had to pump twice and then poof !  Tons of milk poured out !  I filled two cylinders and 1/2 a 5 oz Medela bottle very quickly once the milk flowed.  It still hurt.  I made sure I pumped every 3 hours the rest of the day. 

After doing some reading, I learned that wearing tight clothing, ie. the sports bra I wore to bed because my nursing tanks were in the washing machine, was the culprit .  I didn’t want to sleep bra-less because I would surely wake up soaked.  

I also slept instead of waking to pump at 3 am.   Bad choices !

Lesson learned !

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