Six Weeks Post Partum – The 411

Time is flying by!  My baby girl is developing a pretty strong neck due to her tummy time.   She smiled at me for the first time this week and also let out a real laugh when chatting with Grandmom.  

The baby now roots when placed on her tummy.  She sleeps better on her tummy and her side.  It’s funny to watch her migrate all over her bassinet or the bed when I put her down on it.  She searches for body warmth as well when I nap with her.

I am still exclusively pumping and my milk production has increased quite a bit on Motilium.   I am changing the formula I am supplementing with to Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Formula.

The Little One is hooping and hollering like someone stole my boobs from 8 pm until she gets tired.  Last night it was from 9 pm until 2 am.  She screeched at the top of her lungs and only paused for brief periods when held or on my chest.  It was short lived.  I got a new formula because I supplement about 5-10 oz of her daily intake with formula and her poop is watery.  The probiotics are not doing enough.  Hopefully the lower lactose formula coupled with my milk will help.  I am very cognizant of what I eat and I don’t do dairy nor coffee. Oh how I miss my cheese and crackers, ice cream on occasion, and coffee.

My daughter is now 8 lbs !!  She will be getting her first round of vaccines.  I am doing a bit of research because I do not want to give her unnecessary vaccines that could potentially be harmful.

In Mom news, our mother is getting better.  She has another week on the wound vac and then she comes off and we leave for the beach after our postpartum appointments. 

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