Five Weeks Post Partum -The 411

On Friday,  I was 5 weeks post partum and my daughter was 35 days old!

I still can’t believe that I actually had a baby and that she is here. 

She now weighs 8 pounds and she is 19 inches long.   I am down 52 pounds and counting !  I need to decide on a waste trainer and start wearing it to help support my abdomen muscles and help shape my hips. I am smaller now that I was before starting IVF in 2013 !


I am still exclusively pumping.  I started Motilium a week ago and it seems to be starting to help.  I am pumping 5-7 oz per pumping with only a few times getting 3 oz. 

I understand it takes two weeks for Motilium to become effective.  In another week, we shall see.

I tried drinking a Guinness extra stout beer but could not stomach the taste.  I hate beer !  


My mother is improving daily.  She has Visiting Nurses who come to my sister’s home daily to clean and service her wound vac and pack and redress her wound.   She is setting up home health at the condo this week so we can leave for the beach.  

My sister and her husband drove out to the condo to take all of the baby’s belongings and things we had with us that we need there.  They got week of free vacation to romp around a 2500 Sq ft oceanfront condo.   My sister says she is not coming back ! Lol 


She is the sweetest, most chill baby with a sassy personality. She definitely knows what she wants and when she wants it.  She is so beautiful and such a smart girl.   I could not have asked for a more perfect baby !

She has an umbilical hernia and her Pediatrician  told me not to worry about it.  We have our next appointment in 3 wks so her doctor will look at it then.  Luckily my sister is a Pediatric RN and so is our lactation consultant.    I am able to get quick answers from them.

The baby seems to enjoy tummy time and she lifts and turns her head.  She also tries to pull up a bit when sitting propped up on her Boppy.   She loves her hands and enjoys music, white noise, and being read or sung to.  

She has started having witching hour at midnight till about 2 am, which is scary. It’s hard to console her and figure out what she wants.  She does love lying on my chest, though. 

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