Three Weeks Post Partum – The 411

Yesterday marked 21 days since I gave birth to my little angel.  It is so surreal and I still can not believe God entrusted this gorgeous, spirited little girl to me !

The past two weeks have been challenging with my mom being in the hospital and adjusting to waking up every 3 hours or so.  

I am struggling to wake up to pump.  My baby sleeps for longer spells at night. She wakes up around 11-12 and stays awake just looking around for a while.  Most nites she will go to sleep around 2 am and not awake again until 6 am.   I take advantage of her nap and I sleep.   I really should pump at midnight and then pump again at 5:30 am before she wakes up, but I am exhausted most nights or just plain lazy.  I prefer to stare at my baby’s beautiful face and sing to her or talk to her rather than pump.  

I have to pump exclusively since the baby can not incite let down.  She doesn’t suck long enough,  as she is used to the immediate response of the bottle.  

Hopefully in a few weeks, she will not tucker out so soon and will be able to nurse from the breast.

Last night, I went to sleep around midnight and didn’t wake up until 6 am.  I also didn’t pump since around 7pm, which only yielded 1 oz total.  

I woke up this morning and my boobs had hard lumps in them and were sore. I got up, hooked up the pump and relieved my breasts.

Six ounces ! Not bad !

I am amazed at the amount of weight I have shed! The day of delivery, because of the edema, I had blossomed 10 whole pounds in a week’s time.   After delivery, I retained a ton of fluid from the IV, but it collected in my hips, thighs and feet to the point that it was excruciating and still is although it’s going down.   I got on the scale yesterday and I am down … drumroll….  48 pounds !!!

  • I am smaller now than I was before I started stimming.  The only caveat, I have lost my bum bum ! Squats will be my friend 🙂

I still need to order a belly binder. The one the hospital gave me, I gave to my mom when hers was dirty.  I want a post partum binder with the Silicon cut out for cesarean.

Next week, the baby and I have appointments with my OB and her Pediatrician.  Due to my mom’s hospitalization,  we missed our two week appointment last week.

My mom got released from the hospital on Wednesday and is trying to get some rest.

10 thoughts on “Three Weeks Post Partum – The 411

  1. I lost my bum too but it came back with a vengeance! All the early breastfeeding takes a lot of calories away from you. Glad sleep is going well. It took us over two years to sleep more than two hours at a time!

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    • Lol. Most boys are !! They eat a lot more than girls usually. I am trying to avoid cosleeping. Well, I have her next to the bed or lift chair in a bassinet. I let her sleep inside my shirt and she seems to love it ! Lol. I’m not trying to let her get used to it…

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  2. Look at those beautiful lips! Can’t believe it has been 3 weeks already! 😮 You really amaze me. What with your mum and your intense birth, you’ve taken to motherhood so easily. Well done. And congrats on your mum getting out of hospital! xxx

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