Mom’s Surgery – The 411

My mom’s reconstructive surgery that was basically a revision of the breast reconstruction she had done in December, went well. 

Because of the massive scar tissue due to radiation, one breast was super tight and small and the other was a lot larger and lower in placement.   The skin where they did radiation was akin to cutting through concrete according to her surgeon.  They removed all that scar tissue, did a tummy tuck to get new skin and muscle and reconstructed her boobs.   

Her tummy is so flat now I am jealous !  Lol

Her blood pressure remained stable this time and she was under for a little over 4 hours.

She stayed in the hospital all day and overnight and was able to be released to come home this afternoon.   I ordered a lift chair for her comfort from a local medical supply house and this chair is a godsend !!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers !!

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