Home & Total Bedrest – The 411

This morning, all the labs were in and everything was normal.  The placenta is in tact and the blood flow from Mommy to baby is perfect.

They think I had a vaginal blood vessel rupture.  I wondered if I had an SCH, but no one could answer.  

The contractions were due to dehydration.  After 3 bags of fluids, they stopped.

My mom stayed overnight with me in the hospital and my sister came by after work.   

At 7pm they allowed me to eat I ate some of the Kabob platter my mom had and then ordered grilled cheese and soup for dinner last night.

This morning at 9 am, we were discharged and I called the HD LIVE sonogram place I initially had an appointment at and was able to get my appointment back.  I figured I would get it done before going on complete bedrest, which I am required to remain on until delivery, sans doc appointments.

Thanks for all the prayers and we’ll wishes !

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